ASC Tri-Lab Code Development Tools Workshop

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Time Location Session Lead / Instructor
8:30 T1879
Classroom A
Welcome and Workshop Logistics
Introduction - scope, categories of tools, definitions
Martin Schulz (LLNL)
9:00 Debuggers and Correctness Tools
  - TotalView
  - STAT
Matt Wolfe (LLNL)
Greg Lee (LLNL)
9:25 Performance Analysis Tools
  - TAU
  - Open|SpeedShop
  - perflib
David Gunter (LANL)
Martin Schulz (LLNL)
10:00 Break
10:10 T1879
Classroom A
Performance Analysis Tools (cont)
  - Vampir
  - mpiP
  - gprof
  - CrayPat and Cray Apprentice
David Gunter (LANL)
Blaise Barney (LLNL)
Mahesh Rajan (SNL)
   " "
11:00 Memory Analysis Tools
  - TotalView
  - Valgrind
  - memP
Matt Wolfe (LLNL)
David Gunter (LANL)
Blaise Barney (LLNL)
11:45 Other tools - under development or not yet deployed
  - Scalasca
  - Libra load (load balance analysis)
  - LOBA (MPI communication patterns)
  - Other tools you may have heard of: HPCToolkit from Rice, HPC Toolkit from IBM,
    Paraver, DDT, Javelina, Acumem ThreadSpotter
Martin Schulz (LLNL)
   " "
Dane Gardner (LANL)
Sue Kelly (SNL)
12:00 Lunch break (on your own)
13:30-17:00 Parallel Tracks: Use Cases and Hands-on Sessions
B451 R2052
Red Room
CrayPat and Cray Apprentice Mahesh Rajan (SNL)
B453 R1010
Dry Creek
Open|SpeedShop Martin Schulz (LLNL)
B451 R1025
White Room
Valgrind, TAU
mpiP, memP
David Gunter (LANL)
Blaise Barney (LLNL)
B453 R1012
Black Diamond
TotalView Matt Wolfe (LLNL)