Discipline, Magic, Inspiration and Science: Best Practice Debugging with Allinea DDT

Workshop conducted at LLNL by Allinea on May 10, 2013

Workshop Materials

  1. Course Handouts (pdf)
  2. Debugging at Scale + CUDA (pdf)
  3. Examples (pdf)
  4. Program Files - these exercise files are also installed under /usr/global/docs/training/allinea on LC clusters.
    1. array: array.f90, array.makefile
    2. cpi: cpi.c, cpi.makefile
    3. cstartmpi: cstartmpi.c, cstartmpi.makefile
    4. linkedlist: linked.c
    5. loop: loop.c, loop.makefile
    6. mandel: mandel.cpp, mandel.h, packet.cpp, packet.h, packetfactory.cpp, packetfactory.h, strategy.cpp, mandel.makefile
    7. matrix: matrix.c, matrix.makefile
    8. prefix: prefix.cu, prefix.makefile
    9. trisol: check2.f90, check.f90, dlaruv.f, gendata.f90, matnrm.f90, mod_trisol.f90, numroc.f, solve.f90, trisol.dat, trisol.f90, trisol.makefile
    10. make_all