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AVS/Express is a product of Advanced Visual Systems. AVS/Express is an object-oriented development system which lets you create rich scientific and technical visualization applications. AVS/Express provides hundreds of predefined application components for visualizing, analyzing, manipulating, displaying and interacting with data. It also allows you to build custom reusable application components. AVS/Express offers a visual development environment in which application components are defined, assembled and manipulated to build applications. Refer to the AVS/Express Home Page for more information.



Machines and Versions: See LC graphics software page.

Location: /usr/global/tools/AVS/xp

Settings: To access AVS express, type:

use avs

This configures your environment so that you can type AVS commands such as:



See "Environment" for running your favorite AVS commands.

If your local display does not support OpenGL, try starting up AVS/Express with xp -nohw to disable OpenGL rendering.


Online help can be accessed at the AVS/Express Support Pages.

Help is also available from the AVS/Express application.

Help is available from the at (925) 422-4531


If you have an account on the LC platforms, you can install AVS/Express on your local machine. It can be downloaded from the AVS/Express Support Pages.

To access the LC license, you must set the XP_LICENSE_SERVER environment variable on your local machine. The correct value for this variable can be found by typing use avs on any LC machine, then typing echo $XP_LICENSE_SERVER

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