The Visualization Lab provides a computer-generated animation and modeling service to help you:
Our high-end animation system can produce a 2-D or 3-D animation from a diverse set of input types, such as:
Using a combination of computer hardware, software, and video recording equipment, the Visualization Lab's staff can create animations of your data or ideas and record them onto video tape, along with creating movies for computer display on the web and local multimedia presentations.
The animations are prepared using Wavefront Technologies' Advanced Visualizer, one of the premiere commercial animation packages used for the broadcast/film industry and scientific visualization community. An animator generates an animation to your specifications, which can include flight paths, particle motion, mechanical movement, or transformations.
We provide story boarding of the animation, object and materials modeling, scripting of object movement and viewpoint paths, scene rendering, and recording the animation to broadcast-quality video tapes. Our system produces high-quality, high-resolution, compression-free images. The resulting animation may be combined with any of our other video services to create an integrated and complete presentation.
For more information contact Becky Springmeyer (925) 423-7705.