EnVE is a movie creation tool, courtesy of Computational Engineering International (CEI). EnVE is a free add-on to EnSight, their mesh visualization too.
Machines and Versions: See LC graphics software page.

Briefly: env40 should be already in your PATH on LC clusters. To use other versions, since EnVE ships with EnSight, you select the right version of EnSight and that gives you EnVE.

Please see this tutorial at ensight.com.
Documentation is available from the EnSight website.
Tutorials are available on the CEI Tutorial page.
Help is available from the lc-hotline@llnl.gov, (925) 422-4531.
The EnSight server and client may be downloaded from CEI and installed on a local machine. EnSight includes EnVE. Thereafter, EnVE can be used free of charge.