The Graphics Support team performs both services and development activities for users of the LC high-performance computing environment.
  • Consulting on scientific visualization issues (demos, classes, getting started, visualization advice)
  • Troubleshooting graphics-related problems
  • Maintaining a graphics environment that is current and consistent across LC computing platforms
  • Creating scientific visualizations using a variety of commercial tools
  • Developing customized visualization applications for end users
  • Providing domain-specific visualization techniques
Graphics Support team members are experienced in the use of graphics libraries and environments ranging from "turn-key" tools (e.g. EnSight, AVS, Tecplot, MeshTV) to visualization libraries (e.g., IDL, NCAR, and OpenGL) to utilities such as plotting packages and image conversion programs. See graphics software for a complete listing of supported graphics software. This includes information about each of the products, how to set up your environment to run the software, documentation pointers, and information on installing a local copy of the software if applicable.
The Graphics Support team members may be reached through the LC Hotline at extension 2-4531 or by e-mail to