NCL is a programming language designed specifically for the access, analysis, and visualization of data. NCL can be run in interactive mode, where each line is interpreted as it is entered at your workstation, or it can be run in batch mode as an interpreter of complete scripts. NCL is available for free in binary format for several UNIX systems.
View a gallery of visualizations created with NCL to see what can be done with NCL.
NCL is a product from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.
Machines and Versions: See LC graphics software page.
Location: /usr/global/tools/NCAR
To set up your environment, we now use dotkit. This means you simply type
use ncl
This will set the following variables for you automatically:
as well as : MANPATH and PATH
By default, use ncl uses the latest version (5.0). To use version 4.2.0, type use ncl440 . There should be no reason to use the older version, it is provided as a safety net in case there are any problems.
If you cannot use dotkit or prefer not to, then you can set your environment variables according to the following table:
NCARG_ROOT set to: /usr/global/tools/NCAR/version/$SYS_TYPE/ncl
where version is set to either
to run the latest available version, or to the version number of NCAR, i.e., 4.4.0 or 5.0
NCARG_LIB ${NCARG_ROOT}/lib NCARG_INCLUDE ${NCARG_ROOT}/include NCARG_BIN ${NCARG_ROOT}/bin NCARG_MAN ${NCARG_ROOT}/man Add ${NCARG_BIN} to your $PATH environment variable. To access the NCAR man pages, add ${NCARG_MAN} to the $MANPATH environment variable.
For information on using NCL, refer to the NCL Home Page.
Use the
command to view example NCL programs. Refer to the
man page for more information.
An NCL e-mail list is available.
Additional documentation is available at the NCL Documentation page.
NCL Application Examples are available at the NCL Applications Examples page.
Help is available from the lc-hotline@llnl.gov, (925) 422-4531.
To download NCL to your local workstation, refer to the NCL Download page.