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IMG PowerWalls

PowerWall Display Facilities

PowerWall—a multi-projector display that is typically both physically large as well as very high in resolution. Shown below are a PowerWall with six Clarity Cubes (left) and a fifteen-panel PowerWall (right), both currently driven by Linux clusters.

The ASC program built and maintains five PowerWall facilities. Three of these are part of the Secure Computing Facility (SCF) and are located in Weapons and Complex Integration buildings. The two unclassified PowerWalls are located in the Building 453 Armadillo Room and the Building 451 White Room. The PowerWalls are used for demonstrations at high-level reviews, press conferences, and visits. They may also be used by scientists who wish to show their visualizations on a high-resolution display.

Applications can be run on the PowerWalls without modification by using the Distributed Multiheaded X (DMX) program that enables use of a tiled display as one large X display. The "streaming movie (sm)" format is used to create streaming movies that take advantage of the high resolution of the PowerWalls. Blockbuster is used to play high-resolution movies efficiently on cluster displays. For conversion utilities, see sm tools.


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