PyCUDA is a Python scripting language wrapper around the CUDA C extension to the C programming language. PyOpenCL is the analogous wrapper around OpenCL for Python. LLNL does not currently have PyOpenCL installed, but if you have need for this, pleasecontact the LC Graphics group. Please keep in mind that PyCUDA only works on machines with GPUs installed, which is currently only the batch nodes of edge.llnl.gov.
Please read theLC GPU Technology Web page to familiarize yourself with the LLNL GPU setup.

Machines and Versions: See LC graphics software page.
Location: The software is located in /opt/cudatoolkit*/site-packages, but it is advised that you use the module load command.
Settings: Nothing except loading the modules is necessary.

module load pycuda/1.2
to set up your environment, then run Python. In the interpreter, type
import pycuda
to load the pyCUDA module for use. After loading PyCUDA modules in your shell and in Python as per above, you can execute PyCUDA like any other module.

An excellent tutorial is at http://documen.tician.de/pycuda/tutorial.html
Help is available from the lc-hotline@llnl.gov, (925) 422-4531.

You can download and install pyCUDA on your own computer from http://mathema.tician.de/software/pycuda