RasMol is designed for the visualization and analysis of biological systems such as proteins, etc.
Machines and Versions: See LC graphics software page.
Location: /usr/global/tools/RasMol
Settings: use rasmol sets up environment to run the latest version of vmd.
To start up RasMol, type rasmol . If RasMol is not in your PATH, then you need to type use rasmol before typing rasmol .
RasMol documentation can be accessed from within RasMol by typing "help" from the RasMol command line. On-line help can be accessed from the Help->User Manual menu or from http://www.rasmol.org/help.shtml.
Basic usage help, technical support and troubleshooting is available from the lc-hotline@llnl.gov, (925) 422-4531.
You can install RasMol on your local workstation. Kits are available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/openrasmol for Linux, MS Windows and Mac OS X PPC and i386. The full source code is also available there for builds on other platforms.