The LC Video Laboratory can take your raster images and animations and produce a video to your specifications. Animations and images produced on any workstation can be recorded to videotape through our facilities. Usually simple movies are completed within one day of receiving the data. Livermore Computing has both open and closed video facilities.
The value-added features that the LC Video Laboratory provides can turn your video into a professional, polished presentation. Titles and credits are made according to your specifications. LLNL copyrights and disclaimers are automatically added to your video. Special effects, transitions, morphing, background music, or narration can also be added to make your video stand out. Your video can be recorded to VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Hi-8mm, or Betacam SP videotape.
Input Images
Image File Formats We accept all the popular image formats, including JPEG, MPEG-1, Quicktime, Sun, TIFF, GIF, etc.
12 Point VideoTape Quality Guidelines Following these guidelines and tips will enable you to create the finest quality images and animations that will reproduce best on videotape.
Compression-Free Studio-Quality Video Recording For best image quality, the animations are maintained in studio-quality formats. No compression is used anywhere. You won't have to worry about compression artifacts showing up in your work.
Value-Added ServicesThe following additional services are available:
Video Formats
VHS tapes may be encoded in PAL, SECAM, or any other VHS format used in the world. We also can translate any VHS encoding into the USA broadcast standard.
We are format compatible with the Lawrence Livermore Television Network (LLTN) television studio. Laser disks or Betacam tapes made by the Visualization Lab may be brought to TID for further postproduction work such as adding narration, integration into other video projects, as well as broadcast and Public Affairs distribution.
Contact Ross Gaunt (925-423-2533) for more information.
Building: 453, room: 1006, phone: (925) 424-5387 open: 8:00 a.m.ñ4:30 p.m.