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VRweb is a browser for 3D worlds and objects modeled in the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). VRweb is freely available in complete source code (under the GNU General Public License). It does not require commercial packages such as Inventor or Motif. It is capable of running on virtually all platforms.


Machines and Versions: See LC graphics software page.

Location: /usr/global/tools/VRML

Settings: No settings required.


To run VRweb, type /usr/global/tools/VRML/VRweb/1.5/$SYS_TYPE/vrweb


Samples exist in /usr/global/tools/VRML/VRweb/1.5/$SYS_TYPE/samples.

To access the online help, type:

mkdir ${HOME}/.vrweb
ln -s /usr/global/tools/VRML/VRweb/1.5/$SYS_TYPE/help ${HOME}/.vrweb/help

Next, launch Netscape or another browser on the machine running VRweb, start up VRweb, and choose Overview from the VRweb Help menu.

See the VRweb home page for more information.

Help is available from the, (925) 422-4531.

See the notes under "VRweb Availability" on the VRweb home page.
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