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xmovie is a tool for the display and interaction with large format movies in tiled display environments. xmovie targets scientific visualization movies, providing a lossless pipeline for movie display. Another key feature of xmovie is the capability to dynamically pan and zoom movies across multiple tiled displays without having to compute a new movie. Tools for converting sets of images into the SM movie file format used by xmovie are provided.

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Machines and Versions: See LC graphics software page.

Location: /usr/apps/asciviz/bin

Settings: Set the following environment variables:

PATH ${PATH}:/usr/apps/asciviz//bin
MANPATH ${MANPATH}:/usr/apps/asciviz/man

Limitations: xmovie was designed for large SGI SMP boxes with high-speed disk arrays (e.g., Fibre Channel). It also works on Linux systems.


To run xmovie, type xmovie. Use the -help option to find out about the available command-line arguments.


Once the MANPATH environment variable is set correctly (as described in the Environment section), type man xmovie to view the man page.

Help is available from LC's Hotline.


The following versions of xmovie are available:


To build version 1.43:

gunzip -dc xmov_1_43.tar.gz | tar xvof -
cd ascivis_source
make type
Type make for a list of types
make all

The executables are in the bin directory and man pages in the man directory. Platform specific configurations can be set by editing the appropriate files in the config directory.

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