Computing: it’s in our DNA. Since 1952, when LLNL was created, Computing has been essential to R&D, science and technology, and operations.

What do we do? Amazing computing in the interest of our nation. We’re making the world safer by shaping the frontiers of HPC, data sciences, and computer science. Our programs are meeting our mission to sustain leading-edge discipline research, develop and maintain strong partnerships, and deliver creative technologies and software solutions.

We design, develop, and deploy HPC capabilities not only in support of Livermore’s mission and program goals, such as the nation's Stockpile Stewardship Program, but to improve national security and advance U.S. economic competitiveness.

We partner with industry, foreign governments, and nontraditional government sponsors to drive technology advancements, speed development of new applications, and help cultivate other collaborations. HPC powers scientific discovery. We’re advancing the most complex modeling, simulation, and analysis as a peer to theory and experiment. We believe in the power of HPC to drive technological innovation.

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