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Two things differentiate the majority of computing jobs—especially in the Silicon Valley—from Computing at LLNL: We take on epic projects that private industry cannot imagine, and we do so in service to the nation. These differences have been the magnet that have kept great people hard at work for the future, for the country, and for humankind.

Computing is a unique organization with a rich 65-year history steeped in supercomputing successes and scientific discoveries. We offer flexibility to move between projects, opportunities to pursue new research, access to some of the most advanced computing facilities in the world, and, most importantly, the thrill of knowing you’re contributing to pioneering science.

In Computing, creative technology, advanced research, multidisciplinary collaboration, and big projects converge, creating one of the most stable, stimulating work environments anywhere. Furthermore, LLNL is ranked in the top 40 of Glassdoor's Best Places to Work.

From software developers and applied math researchers to hardware architects and networking experts, computing at LLNL requires a top-flight workforce with a broad skill set. Check out our internships page or visit LLNL’s careers site to see how you can be a part of the future.

Featured Jobs

Software Developer (multiple openings)

Work on multidisciplinary teams in an environment that encourages the support of the academic research community while focusing on problems of interest to LLNL and DOE programs. Job reference #REF2511O and Job reference #REF2503R

Early Career Data Scientist

Work in a team of independent/entrepreneurial computer scientists and engineers who research, develop, and integrate state-of-the-art algorithms, software, hardware, and computer systems solutions to challenging research and development problems. Job reference #REF965A

Data Scientist

Collaborate on data-intensive applications, text processing, graph analysis, ML, statistical learning, information visualization, scientific data mining, database technology, programming models for scalable parallel computing, novel architectures, HPC architecture simulation, and more. Job reference #REF964I

Windows System Administrator

Provide advanced technical computer, infrastructure, and operations support in a safety conscious, challenging, rapidly changing, and team-oriented environment. Job reference #REF2504Q

Desktop Support Technician

Install, configure, and secure a range of computer systems, printers, operating systems, security and applications software, and more. Job reference #REF2433D

Linux System Admin

Perform Linux installations, configurations, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance activities on hardware and virtual environments, installation of software releases, patches of the operation system and utilities, third-party products, and open-source software. Job reference #REF2451U

Uncertainty Quantification Postdoctoral Researcher

Apply cutting-edge tools and techniques to high dimensional data stemming from applications that involve complex multiphysics codes that embody a large spectrum of uncertainties across the coupled physics modules. Job reference #REF1844K

Machine Learning Research Scientist – Postdoctoral Researcher

Join collaborative, interdisciplinary project teams to conduct novel research on the design and deployment of AI/ML/statistical methods that positively impact the Laboratory's national security mission. Job reference #REF1966F

Cisco Voice Services Administrator

Provide advanced production services support for the LivConnected voice services on all enterprise desktops and mobile devices, phones, voicemail system, and video telecommunications. Job reference #REF1624X

ServiceNow Developer

Configure, customize, and develop applications in the ServiceNow platform, working with a team comprised of developers and a technical lead. Job reference #REF1965C

Apple Systems Engineer

Provide advanced technical services support for systems in a heterogeneous environment to solve a variety of complex technical problems in a timely manner. Job reference #REF2194N

Collaboration Engineer

Work as a technical expert on a collaborative team focused on the successful implementation of the Microsoft and Cisco Collaborative Suite products. Job reference #REF1957R

Network Engineer

Install, configure, and maintain network hardware and software across a variety of enterprise network environments. Job reference #REF2133D

Data Protection and Storage Administrator

Provide data protection and storage service administration for systems in a heterogeneous enterprise in order to meet data replication and disaster recovery needs. Job reference #REF2149P

Network Security Engineer

Help with the maintenance, operations, and security of the Laboratory's enterprise networks. Job reference #REF2150C

Audio Video Infrastructure Technician

Install audio, video, and video teleconferencing systems including video projection systems, displays, touch panels, speakers, cabling, rack wiring, and terminating A/V systems. Job reference #REF2215U

Full Stack DevOps Cloud Engineer

Architect, implement and administer the pubic/private cloud application infrastructures required to support applications across the Laboratory’s business service and programmatic mission areas. Job reference #REF2259Y

LC Account Specialist

Providing support by phone, in person or through email to answer and resolve requests for all LC account services provided by the LC Hotline. Job reference #REF2049E

HPC Systems Engineer

You will work in a challenging and team-oriented environment supporting Livermore Computing’s (LC) high performance computing clusters. You will apply fundamental knowledge of HPC systems and contribute to technical projects using creativity and imagination. Job Reference #REF2146L

Network Engineer

Responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of network hardware and software, and the troubleshooting of complex network infrastructures. Job Reference #REF2281A

Data Center Operator

Monitor, diagnose, and repair system faults on a large number of high-performance computer (HPC) systems, storage systems and networks, working under minimal supervision. Job Reference #REF2350N

HPC Computer Associate/Account Specialist

Support High Performance Computing (HPC) users half-time on two teams. Half of the assignment is to maintain, automate, and improve software used to support scientists that use Livermore Computing (LC) for world-class, complex computational efforts. The other half of the assignment is to provide support for more than 3,500 users as part of the Account Specialist team, ensuring that users have access to required computers, scheduling banks and UNIX groups on LC HPC systems. Job Reference #REF2392C

Alyson speaking at a lectern with her slide projected on a big screen behind her

Mathematicians Are Welcome

Alyson Fox has three degrees in math—including a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from CU Boulder—and her passion for solving complex challenges drives her work.

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Persistence Pays Off

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From molecular screening, a software platform, and an online data to the computing systems that power these projects.

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COVID-19 Operations

LivIT tackles challenges of workforce safety, telecommuting, cybersecurity protocols, National Ignition Facility software updates, and more.