Center for Applied Scientific Computing

High Performance Computing Group

Research in compilers, tools and programming models to enable complex simulation codes to operate correctly and efficiently across current and next-generation architectures.

Group Lead

Erik Draeger: first-principles material simulations, density functional theory, Quantum Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, massively parallel computing

Research Staff

Robert Blake

Jean-Sylvain Charles Camier: scientific computing, heterogeneous architecture, compilation toolchain, performance analysis and optimization, parallel programming models, numerical analysis

Rich Hornung: computational methods for multiscale problems, large-scale object-oriented software design for scientific computing applications, parallel computing

Chunhua (Leo) Liao: compiler optimization, parallel programming models, performance tools

Jim Leek

Pei-Hung Lin: compiler optimization, domain-specific optimization and parallel programming models

Olga Pearce: parallel and distributed computing, parallel algorithms and optimizations, and generic parallel libraries and tools

Dan Quinlan: compiler optimization, adaptive mesh refinement, object-oriented scientific computing

Peter Pirkelbauer

Craig Rasmussen

David Richards: co-design of HPC systems, proxy applications, parallel programming models, Monte Carlo transport, cardiac simulation, molecular dynamics

Markus Schordan: program analysis and verification, programming languages for high performance computing, and software development tools

Tom Scogland: heterogeneous computing, parallel programming models, adaptive runtime systems, energy efficient computing

Tristan Vanderbruggen