The Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) serves as LLNL’s bridge to the broader computational mathematics, computational physics, computer science, and data science research communities. CASC supports LLNL’s programs by bringing the power of high performance computing (HPC) and the efficiency of modern computational methods to bear on problems of stockpile stewardship, cyber and energy security, and knowledge discovery for intelligence and science applications.

The CASC Academic Engagement Program (CASC-AEP) facilitates outreach for the Computing directorate, primarily with the academic research community. While student internships within Computing are managed through the directorate’s Scholar Program, CASC-AEP helps Computing staff interact and collaborate with faculty and researchers at other institutions through joint research, collaborative subcontracts, faculty visits, and sabbatical arrangements.

Computing Visitor Program

The Computing Visitor Program, managed by the CASC-AEP, exists to expand collaborative opportunities with industry and academia. The Visitor Program helps Computing employees arrange visits from a wide range of visitors and collaborators throughout the year. Although most visits may be for a few days, the Visitor Program can facilitate visits as short as a few hours for a single meeting or as long as multi-month sabbaticals. The CASC-AEP Visitor Program also coordinates faculty mini-sabbaticals in the Computing directorate for LLNL’s University Relations Program.

Computing Masterworks Lecture Series

CASC-AEP hosts many visiting researchers who enrich the Laboratory’s research environment through research seminars. The Computing Masterworks Lecture Series is a special, high-profile series of seminars that features luminaries in scientific computing. Offered four times per year, these lectures provide opportunities for interchange of ideas at the cutting edge of HPC with these thought leaders.

Information about previous Computing Masterworks lectures is available here.

Collaborative Subcontracts

Many of our researchers actively collaborate with faculty and students at universities. The CASC-AEP helps Computing researchers navigate the subcontract procurement system.