LLNL Computing’s ground-breaking research and development activities, innovative technologies, and world-class staff are often featured in various media outlets.

side-by-side topographical maps of the California Bay Area with Hayward Fault highlighted in blue and earthquake growth depicted in rainbow colors

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three scientists with different colored abstract backgrounds and the words water, fire, and air at the top

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Video: The surprising places you’ll find machine learning

LLNL is applying ML to real-world applications on multiple scales. Researchers explain why water filtration, wildfires, and carbon capture are becoming more solvable thanks to groundbreaking data science methodologies on some of the world’s fastest computers.

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concentric circles where the top half is yellow and orange and the bottom half is blue, set on a background of dark green at bottom and light green at top

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Matrix unloaded: GPU-boosted solvers for diffusion physics

Developed by LLNL and Portland State University researchers, innovative matrix-free solvers offer performance gains for complex multiphysics simulations.

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A flow chart showing the classification of the types of errors in scientific computing.

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Symposium paper formally verifies whether linear systems will converge

A new method defines a formal specification for convergence, which can be used to derive a set of machine-checkable conditions to guarantee a convergent solution to a differential equation.

Computational Math | ODE Methods

Ruby supercomputer overlaid with a network pattern and mutated cell

Source: LLNL News

LLNL and BridgeBio announce trials for supercomputing-discovered cancer drug

In a milestone for supercomputing-aided drug design, LLNL and BridgeBio Oncology Therapeutics today announced clinical trials have begun for a first-in-class medication that targets specific genetic mutations implicated in many types of cancer.

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two people onstage in front of a screen that reads “Achieving fusion ignition: how the U.S. national labs power the next generation of advanced technologies”

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DOE, LLNL take center stage at inaugural AI expo

Held May 7–8 in Washington, DC, the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) AI Expo showcased groundbreaking initiatives in AI and emerging technologies. Kim Budil and other Lab speakers presented at center stage and the DOE exhibition booth.

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3D cutaway of orange and blue blobs

Source: Science & Technology Review

S&TR cover story: The Laboratory’s habit of innovation

LLNL’s HPC capabilities play a significant role in international science research and innovation, and Lab researchers have won 10 R&D 100 Awards in the Software–Services category in the past decade.

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gold circle on black background with text "R&D 100 awards 2023 winners"

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Video: Supercomputer problems you’ve never heard of

Two LLNL teams have come up with ingenious solutions to a few of the more vexing difficulties. For their efforts, they’ve won awards coveted by scientists in the technology fields.

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translucent rabbit running across a purple and gold surface

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Evolving at the speed of exascale

Bugs, broken codes, or system failures require added time for troubleshooting and increase the risk of data loss. LLNL has addressed failure recovery by developing the Scalable Checkpoint/Restart (SCR) framework.

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LLNL open source logo in white with full Lab name spelled out, both overlaid on a black background and a pattern of interconnected teal swirls and dots

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The lab that launched a thousand software projects

Release the codes! With a dynamic developer community and a long history of encouraging open-source software, LLNL has reached quadruple-digit GitHub offerings.

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stock photo of people studying and learning at a laptop

Source: High Performance Computing Innovation Center

Register for HPC tutorials in August

Learn how to use a modern, open-source HPC software stack! Throughout August, join our tutorials on how to install and use several projects on AWS EC2 instances. No previous experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome.

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A group of students and volunteers pose outside.

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Dream Day brings Girls Who Code students to the Lab

The event gave local middle schoolers a taste of what computer scientists do at the Lab.

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Amanda in front of an abstract background with the ACM logo

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Former Lawrence fellow Amanda Randles awarded 2023 ACM Prize in Computing

Randles, a former Lawrence fellow and current LLNL collaborator, was recognized for “groundbreaking contributions to computational health through innovative algorithms, tools and high-performance computing methods for diagnosing and treating a variety of human diseases.”

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collage of Lab leaders working around the campus

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LLNL honored as one of Glassdoor's 2024 'Best-Led Companies'

This award honors companies with exceptional senior leadership teams that go above and beyond to redefine the employee experience.

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mountain with a blue sky and El Capitan logo text

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Video: How will El Capitan run?

Discover how the software architecture and storage systems that will drive El Capitan’s performance will help LLNL and the NNSA Tri-Labs push the boundaries of computational science.

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El Capitan supercomputer on a textured blue background

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LLNL’s El Capitan debuted on new Top500 list of world’s most powerful supercomputers

Unveiled at the International Supercomputing Conference in Germany, the June 2024 Top500 lists three systems with identical components as registering 19.65 petaflops on the High Performance Linpack benchmark, ranking them among the world’s 50 fastest.

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antibody and supercomputer on a laptop screen with the Nature cover image on the desktop

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GUIDE team develops approach to redesign antibodies against viral pandemics

In a groundbreaking development for addressing future viral pandemics, a multi-institutional team involving LLNL researchers has successfully combined an AI-backed platform with supercomputing to r

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eight people stand in a group outside the UCLCC building

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UC/LLNL joint workshop sparks crucial dialogue on AI safety

Throughout the workshop, speakers, panelists and attendees focused on algorithm development, the potential dangers of superhuman AI systems and the importance of understanding and mitigating the risks to humans, as well as urgent measures needed to address the risks both scientifically and politically.

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stylized brain image superimposed over wires connecting supercomputer racks

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Video: Igniting scientific discovery with AI and supercomputing

LLNL’s fusion ignition breakthrough, more than 60 years in the making, was enabled by a combination of traditional fusion target design methods, HPC, and AI techniques.

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artist’s rendering of graphics on the outside of the Tuolumne supercomputer

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Road to El Capitan 6: Modern compilers

Compilers translate human-programmable source code into machine-readable code. Building a compiler is especially challenging in the exascale era.

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diagram showing many colored boxes (denoting software packages) connected by complex lines (denoting dependency relationships)

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Road to El Capitan 7: Packaging for everyone

Backed by Spack’s robust functionality, the Packaging Working Group manages the relationships between user software and system software.

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nine people stand as a group in front of the Sierra supercomputer

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Road to El Capitan 8: Prepping for performance

The Tools Working Group delivers debugging, correctness, and performance analysis solutions at an unprecedented scale.

Debugging and Correctness | Exascale | HPC Architectures | HPC Systems and Software | Hybrid/Heterogeneous | Performance, Portability, and Productivity

looking down a row of racks with exposed wires, three people install components of El Capitan

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Road to El Capitan 9: Messaging and math

The advent of accelerated processing units presents new challenges and opportunities for teams responsible for network interconnects and math libraries.

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