We in CASC conduct collaborative scientific R&D in mathematics, computer science, and data science on problems critical to national security. We address problems in the weapons program, cyber and energy security, and knowledge discovery for intelligence applications that require the power of high performance computers and the most advanced computational methods. We invite you to explore our different groups' disciplines and contact our research staff with questions or to learn more.

Computational Physics Group

Combining an understanding of physical systems with optimized code design, appropriate algorithms, and efficient implementations on parallel computers

Data Science & Analytics Group

Driving research efforts in large-scale visualization, data compression and streaming, data management and workflows, data analysis, and machine learning

High Performance Computing Group

Advancing compilers, tools, and programming models so complex simulation codes can operate correctly and efficiently across current and next-generation architectures

Informatics Group

Developing algorithms in bioinformatics, data management for large-scale graphs, reconfigurable hardware acceleration for data-intensive computing applications, and more

Machine Intelligence Group

Exploring machine learning via representation learning, adversarial methods, uncertainty quantification, graph learning, generalizability, interpretability, and model calibration

Mathematical Algorithms & Computing Group

Investigating linear and nonlinear systems, multigrid and multilevel methods, spectral methods for extremely large graph matrices, and object-oriented code frameworks

Numerical Analysis & Simulations Group

Conducting mathematical research and developing simulation codes for the discretization and solution of partial differential equations in physics and engineering disciplines

Parallel Systems Group

Facilitating the use of extreme-scale computers for scientific discovery via performance measurement and optimization, programming models, fault tolerance, I/O, and more

Research Software Engineering Group

Applying software engineering expertise and a deep understanding of scientific research to deliver high-quality software that advances cutting-edge research

Scientific Computing Group

Solving scientific problems in climate modeling, subsurface flow, computational biology, power grid simulation, computational fluid dynamics, transport models, and more

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UQ Optimization Group

Researching at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and applied science and engineering to enable large-scale optimization, control and uncertainty quantification for complex systems