Computing is a team of 1,000 smart, collaborative, innovative people who are inspired by working on advanced, game-changing solutions to some of the world’s most difficult problems. We’re world-renowned experts, mothers and fathers, award winners, strategic thinkers, sports enthusiasts, globetrotters, and lifelong learners—people whose personal values motivate them to make a difference in the world.

Learn more below about some of the people who make up our team, or check out for bios of many of our Computing team members.

Keith Downs headshot

Keith Downs pursues lifelong interests at work

IT manager Keith Downs has always been tinkering with computers, and much of his adult life has been shaped by his childhood interests.

Careers | Information Technology

Tamara Dahlgren

Tammy Dahlgren continues to inspire women in computing

Tammy Dahlgren has worked on a diverse variety of projects at the Lab, including supervisory control systems for the National Ignition Facility, animal disease modeling, mass hierarchical storage systems, RADIUSS, and more.

Careers | Diversity | HPC Systems and Software | Open-Source Software | Outreach | Software Build and Installation

Cindy Gonzales

Cindy Gonzales forges a new career in data science

Cindy Gonzales earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree and changed careers—all while working at the Lab. Meet the deputy director of LLNL’s Data Science Institute.

AI/ML | Careers | Data Science | Deep Learning | Education | Outreach

Scott Kohn

Scott Kohn is motivated by the Lab’s mission and its ‘really smart’ people

An LLNL Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Scott Kohn supports LLNL’s cyber security research program. He joined the Lab in 1997 as one of the first external hires into CASC, Computing’s primary research and academic outreach organization.

Careers | Cyber Research | Cyber Security

Andrew Gillette

Andrew Gillette studies the math behind the science

CASC computational mathematician Andrew Gillette has always been drawn to mathematics and says it’s about more than just crunching numbers.

AI/ML | Careers | Computational Math | Data Science

Anna Maria Bailey

Anna Maria Bailey's career marked by firsts, friends, and flops (the good kind!)

Anna Maria Bailey, LLNL’s Chief Engineer for HPC and a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, has enjoyed her “many careers” at the Lab and the ability to jump around to follow her interests.

Careers | Exascale | HPC Systems and Software

Julie Klein

All eyes on Julie Klein

In her nearly 40 years at LLNL, Julie Klein has seen a lot of change in the world through the Lab’s lens. She said that as a scientific institution, the Lab is only made better by pushing for greater diversity.

Careers | Diversity | Information Technology

Brian Gunney

DOE and dragons: Brian Gunney has made a career of keeping things interesting

From wind tunnels and cardiovascular electrodes to the futuristic world of exascale computing, and with a few fantastic beasts thrown in for good measure, Brian Gunney has been finding solutions for unsolvable problems.

Careers | Computational Math | Computational Science | Discrete Mathematics | Exascale

Bronis de Supinski

Bronis de Supinski leads the way to exascale and beyond

As CTO of Livermore Computing, de Supinski is responsible for formulating, overseeing, and implementing LLNL’s large-scale computing strategy, requiring managing multiple collaborations with the HPC industry and academia.

Careers | CogSim/AI/ML Hardware | Emerging Architectures | Exascale | HPC Architectures | HPC Systems and Software | Hybrid/Heterogeneous

Maya Gokhale

Maya Gokhale finds balance in embracing change

An LLNL Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Gokhale is considered an expert in her field, and continues to enjoy the fast pace of innovation and change in computing.

Careers | Data Movement and Memory | Emerging Architectures | Exascale | HPC Architectures | HPC Systems and Software | Near Memory Computing

Rob Falgout wearing a bike helmet

Rob Falgout makes a career out of solving problems

An LLNL Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Falgout is still finding the fun in problem solving as project leader for two of CASC’s most cutting-edge multigrid method computing projects, hypre and XBraid.

Careers | Computational Math | Open-Source Software | Solvers

Kim Ferrari

All eyes on Kim Ferrari

Ferrari leads a group of developers and quality assurance personnel who support software that runs 24/7/365.

Careers | Diversity | Software Engineering | Software Quality Assurance

Carol Woodward

Carol Woodward helps scientists solve diverse challenges

An LLNL Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Carol Woodward consults on a diverse array of projects at the Lab and beyond. “It’s nice because it means I can work at the same place and not just do one thing for a long time,” she says.

Careers | Computational Math | Diversity | ODE Methods | Outreach | Solvers

Nicole Santellano

Nicole Santellano thrives on variety and challenge

After 15 years in the Lab’s Finance/Payroll organization, Nicole changed her career to become a Computing project manager.

Business Applications and Support | Careers | Information Technology

Chen Wang

2022 Sidney Fernbach Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded to Chen Wang

As Computing’s sixth Fernbach Fellow, postdoctoral researcher Chen Wang will work on a new I/O programming paradigm and improve HPC storage consistency models under the mentorship of Kathryn Mohror.

Careers | HPC Systems and Software | Programming Languages and Models | Storage, File Systems, and I/O

Todd Gamblin

Todd Gamblin enables developers

An LLNL Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Todd Gamblin leads the Spack project, an open-source package manager with a rapidly growing global community that has changed the way people use HPC software.

Careers | HPC Systems and Software | Open-Source Software | Software Build and Installation

Lauren-Jiavanna Morita

Lauren-Jiavanna Morita embraces mission and community connection

Software developer Lauren Morita is improving an application for tracking and managing radioactive hazardous waste. In the APAC networking group, she also helps enhance employees’ work experience.

Business Applications and Support | Careers | Diversity | Information Technology | Software Engineering

Angeline Lee

Angeline Lee makes the most of Lab opportunities

Angeline Lee simultaneously serves as a group leader, contributes to programmatic projects, and studies for her bachelor’s degree.

Careers | Data Science | Education | Software Engineering

Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith improves secure access to Livermore’s computing resources

Since 2018, software developer Trevor Smith has been putting his education and computing skills to good use supporting the Lab's HPC environment. He helps develop, deploy, and manage systems software that enables effective and secure use of computing resources.

Access Management | Careers | Cyber Security | HPC Systems and Software | Information Technology

Kevin McLoughlin

Kevin McLoughlin applies computational biology to complex problems

Kevin McLoughlin has always been fascinated by the intersection of computing and biology. His LLNL career encompasses award-winning microbial detection technology, a COVID-19 antiviral drug design pipeline, and work with the ATOM consortium.

Bioinformatics | Biology/Biomedicine | Careers | Computational Science | Data Science | Education

Bianca posing in front of flowers

Bianca Toledo makes apps human-centric and aesthetically pleasing

UX designer Bianca Toledo helps make government applications more human-centric, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. She joined the Lab in 2019 to find meaning in her work.

Careers | Diversity | Software Applications | Software Engineering

Jarom Nelson

Jarom Nelson works on impactful problems

As group leader and application developer in the Global Security Computing Applications Division, Jarom Nelson develops intrusion detection and access control software.

Access Management | Careers | Computational Science | Education | HPC Systems and Software | Information Technology | Lasers and Optics | Software Applications | Software Engineering | Systems Programming

Julian Andrej

Julian Andrej applies mathematics and engineering to support LLNL missions

Computational mathematician Julian Andrej began using LLNL-developed, open-source software while in Germany. Now at Livermore, he lends his expertise to the Center for Applied Scientific Computing, developing code for next-generation computing hardware.

Careers | Computational Math | Open-Source Software

Steven in front of the Merced River in Yosemite

2021 Sidney Fernbach Postdoctoral Fellowship awarded to Steven Roberts

As Computing’s fifth Fernbach Fellow, postdoctoral researcher Steven Roberts will develop, analyze, and implement new time integration methods.

Awards | Careers | Computational Math | Mathematical Optimization | ODE Methods | Solvers

Brian Gallagher portrait

Brian Gallagher combines science with service

Brian Gallagher works on applications of machine learning for a variety of science and national security questions. He’s also a group leader, student mentor, and the new director of LLNL’s Data Science Challenge.

AI/ML | Careers | Data Science | Outreach