Building systems with robustness, fairness, and privacy
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Center for Applied Scientific Computing

Assured Machine Learning: Robustness, Fairness, and Privacy

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Scientific applications often have a broad range of real-world variations—data bias, noise, unknown transformations, adversarial corruptions, or other changes in distribution. Many of LLNL’s mission-critical applications are considered high regret, implying that faulty decisions can risk human safety or incur significant costs. As vulnerable ML systems are pervasively deployed, manipulation and misuse can have serious consequences.

A sustainable acceptance of ML requires evolving from an exploratory phase into development of assured ML systems that provide rigorous guarantees on robustness, fairness, and privacy. We’re using techniques from optimization, information theory, and statistical learning theory to achieve these properties, as well as designing tools to efficiently apply these techniques to large-scale computing systems.

charts showing comparisons of the marginals of posteriors

Calibration with NN Surrogates

Calibration of an agent-based epidemiological model (EpiCast) uses simulation ensembles for different U.S. metro areas. Peer review pending.

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Meet a Data Science Expert

Jay Thiagarajan’s research involves different types of large-scale, structured data that require the design of unique ML techniques.

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NLPVis Software Repository

NLPVis is designed to visualize the attention of neural network based natural language models.

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Data Skeptic Podcast

CASC researcher Jay Thiagarajan discusses reliable, interpretable predictive models for healthcare applications.