LLNL Computing advances the frontiers of computational science and delivers game-changing solutions to society’s biggest challenges in energy, environment, and national and global security. Our research and development (R&D) activities are applications driven and align with LLNL programmatic objectives. By embedding our experts in multidisciplinary mission support teams throughout the Lab, we are a cornerstone of LLNL’s success.

Our responsibility for enabling science goes beyond helping to solve today’s problems to solving tomorrow’s known and anticipated challenges. We conduct collaborative scientific investigations that require the power of high performance computing (HPC) systems and the efficiency of modern computational methods. We focus on issues that will enable the next generation of computing applications for LLNL and our partners. Furthermore, the ability to execute on Lab missions relies on a sound IT foundation, so LLNL Computing’s purview also includes strategic and operational IT expertise.

Computational Math

Powering scientific codes with advanced algebraic methods, algorithms, solvers, and discretizations

Computational Science

Supporting the Lab’s mission-driven programs with scientific modeling and simulation


Meeting the nation’s top priorities to enhance security in a highly interconnected world


Advancing AI, data analytics, machine learning, predictive modeling, statistics, UQ, and more

Emerging Architectures

Innovating in new directions for next-generation hardware designs and platform integrations

HPC Systems & Software

Providing environments, tools, and expertise for vital national security research and development

Information Technology

Meeting the Lab’s computer technology needs every day with enterprise applications and services

Software Engineering

Applying best practices to maximize the efficiency of software development and deployment