Operating a world-class computer center and ensuring the productivity of our scientists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, requires a great deal more than fielding best-in-class computers and developing leading-edge software.

As a computer and network specialist or desktop technician in Computing, you’ll be a key member of the institution’s success. You’ll interact with other technicians, and developers, scientists, and managers to share knowledge, opinions, and recommendations, working to fulfill deliverables as a team. You’ll also help bring the latest technology and communication capabilities, such as IP-based video services, state-of-the-art teleconferencing solutions, and mobile devices, to very appreciative staff.

Our IT support environment involves administering 16,000 desktops throughout the entire Lab site; providing IT consulting and architecture; and supporting unclassified and classified networks. Our range of jobs include cyber security tool development, business and scientific code system support, Web page development, advanced use of software packages, database queries and report generation, new information management process design, and data analysis.

Job satisfaction is extremely important to us, and we have mechanisms that allow our employees to move easily between jobs without losing benefits or interrupting service years. It’s impossible to remain bored here.

We know how important it is for professionals to stay on top of their game in the constantly evolving IT field. We offer time and pay for employees to pursue job-related training, including formal university degree programs, conferences, and various certification courses.

Continuous operational and IT improvement is a cultural norm in Computing that we nurture and protect to maintain our ability to provide a computational capability worthy of addressing thorny national security issues.

Nicole Santellano

Meet an IT Project Manager

Nicole Santellano manages several projects related to IT initiatives for the Lab’s business systems.

Jorge Escobar standing next to a tree, arms folded

Meet an IT Support Expert

Jorge Escobar's first job at the Lab was as a custodian. Today, he’s a member of the Livermore Information Technology (LivIT) institutional Mac services team.