Supplying and supporting state-of-the-art computing for LLNL’s researchers.
Livermore Computing staff
Organization: LC

Livermore Computing

Livermore Computing (LC) is home to a first-class computational infrastructure that supports the computing requirements of the Laboratory’s scientists. LC develops solutions in collaboration with partners at Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories and delivers a high performance computing (HPC) environment for use by the Advanced Simulation and Computing Program. LC also provides leveraged, cost-effective HPC to multiple programs and independent researchers under the Multiprogrammatic and Institutional Computing program.


Group Highlight

One of LC’s groups, the Development Environment Group (DEG), endeavors to provide a stable, usable, leading-edge parallel application development environment that significantly increases the productivity of LLNL applications developers. We strive to do this by enabling better scalable performance and enhancing the reliability of LLNL applications.