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Tom Epperly with the Sierra supercomputer

Source: NIF & Photon Science

Tom Epperly: a software architect starts early

In this career profile, CASC architect Tom Epperly describes NIF's Virtual Beam Line code and his penchant for solving software programming problems.

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two scientists stand next to a large wall onto which a power grid diagram is projected

Source: LLNL News

LLNL team explores electric grid modernization via HPC

LLNL has successfully deployed power distribution grid simulation software on an HPC system, taking a key step toward creating a commercial tool that utilities could use to modernize the grid.

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Todd Gamblin's image projected onto a screen as he presents awards

Source: LLNL Computing

CASC Newsletter | Vol 7 | December 2018

Highlights include debris an shrapnel modeling at NIF, scalable algorithms for complex engineering systems, magnetic fusion simulation, and data placement optimization on GPUs.

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Inside NIF’s lobby, STEM Day docent and graphics designer John Jett discusses the role of art in science and technology communications

Source: NIF & Photon Science

Inspiring science careers through STEM stories

NIF Computing's Arsenia Rendon joined other LLNL scientists in hosting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Day for more than 180 middle school students.

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Gary Laguna, Greg Lee, and Walt Nissen stand in front of the HPC building

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Bytes from the big three: hackathon veterans Laguna, Lee, and Nissen

These hackathon veterans were there at the beginning and haven’t missed one since.

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Abstract graphic of scientific images with progression shown from bottom left to top right

Source: LLNL Computing

CASC Newsletter | Vol 6 | August 2018

Highlights include CASC director Jeff Hittinger's vision for the center as well as recent work with PruneJuice DataRaceBench, Caliper, and SUNDIALS.

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rayleigh taylor simulation done on Sierra

Source: LLNL Computing

screen shot of SQL schema

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 4 | January 2018

Highlights include complex simulation codes, uncertainty quantification, discrete event simulation, and the Unify file system.

Compiler Technology | Computational Math | Computational Science | Discrete Mathematics | HPC Systems and Software | Resource and Workflow Management | Storage, File Systems, and I/O | UQ and Statistics

hydrodynamics simulation

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spherical ZFP images showing progression of in-line floating point compression

Source: LLNL Computing

CASC Newsletter | Vol 2 | July 2017

Highlights include Computation’s annual external review, machine learning for ALE simulations, CFD modeling for low-carbon solutions, seismic modeling, and an in-line floating point compression tool.

AI/ML | Computational Math | Computational Science | Data Compression | Data Science | Discrete Mathematics | Hydrodynamics | Open-Source Software | Seismology

Catalyst computer, human being figure and whiteboard sketch compilation

Source: LLNL Computing

CASC Newsletter | Vol 1 | April 2017

Highlights include the HYPRE library, recent data science efforts, the IDEALS project, and the latest on the Exascale Computing Project.

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