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Sidney Fernbach Postdoctoral Fellowship FAQ

Q: When would the fellowship start?

A: We expect that most fellows would start within six months of receiving notification. Fellows will need to have been awarded a Ph.D. at the time of hire date.

Q: Why is the fellowship only for one year?

A: The intent is that this fellowship is up to a three-year position. Technically, all postdoctoral positions at the Laboratory are one-year positions “with the possibility of extension.” Extensions are contingent on performance and funding.  

Q: What should I include in my statement of interest?

A: The fellowship gives you freedom to pursue your own research agenda, so what the selection committee wants to see is that you have a clearly defined research plan. The more specific you can be, the better. Identify why the research is important (in general) and relevant to the Lab, how you will approach the problem, the methods you will use, the expected results, and risk mitigation strategies.