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group of women attending the GHC conference, standing in the lobby of the Lab's HPC center
Events: Grace Hopper Celebration

GHC18: LLNL presenters and participants

Many LLNL women and allies attend Grace Hopper Celebration every year to learn, to network, and to be inspired. They also recruit new folks to support our mission: science in the public interest.

Two of this year’s attendees were recruited at a previous GHC, and we’d like to share their stories to encourage other GHC attendees to come visit our booth and talk to our knowledgeable and approachable staff.

LLNL recruiters discovered Amanda Minnich through GHC’s resume database. She interviewed at the conference and could quickly tell it was a good fit. Amanda joined the lab as a staff scientist in July 2017. ”Now I apply my machine learning skills to optimize drug discovery,” says Amanda. “I am so grateful to GHC for connecting me with my dream job!”

At previous career fairs and conferences, Waverly Roeger had talked to many recruiters without really connecting. At last year’s Grace Hopper Celebration, something clicked. “The people at the LLNL booth made genuine conversation, talking about important and interesting work going on at the Lab, the diversity of the work, the diversity of the people, and the work-life balance,” noted Waverly. “At GHC, the environment is built for success and support, and I was already at peak confidence and enthusiasm for my impromptu interview/prolonged-conversation which catapulted me through the hiring process.” 

At GHC17, Waverly and Amanda encouraged others to join them in using their computing skills to meet our important mission. Here’s what Waverly had to say about her time behind the booth:

This year I was lucky to join LLNL women at #GHC17, and I was again blown away by their character, warmth, joy, and overwhelming generosity. Being on this side of the booth, I got a much more in-depth view of my chosen home, and I can reaffirm my initial impression on the culture at the Lab. I’m so happy to be a part of this family and trying my best to channel all of the good qualities these women emanate, and I’m excited to grow alongside them. —Waverly Roeger

We hope to see you at #GHC18!




  • Software Developer

  • HPC Systems Engineer

  • Data Scientist

Our Computation and LLNL professionals at GHC18:

Our Presenters

Ashka Shah

Addressing challenges in developing Virtual Beamline (VBL): a large-scale,
high-energy parallel laser simulation code

Poster Session
Friday | 9-11:30am | GRB Exhibit Hall D

Modeling of advanced laser systems requires massively parallel simulations with
multi-order increases in time/space resolution compared to Virtual Beamline’s (VBL)
current capabilities. In developing the new version of VBL we address two key
challenges: heterogeneous parallel computing using MPI and RAJA, and coordinating
a large-scale scientific software project with a Scrum Agile approach.

Software Engineer

Interests: HPC, software engineering, computational physics


Bruce Hendrickson

HPC Fireside Chat
Booth Talk
Wednesday | 2-2:30pm | Booth 5912/5914

Swing by our booth to chat with Bruce Hendrickson from LLNL Computation about work
that matters to the nation.

Computation Associate Director


Tony Baylis

Diversity and Inclusion at LLNL
Booth Talk
Thursday | 10-10:30am | Booth 5912/5914

Diversity matters. Inclusion matters. They are central to LLNL’s teamwork and productivity.
Come meet Tony Baylis at our booth to learn more.

Director of Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Programs



Stephanie Brink

Committee Member, Speed Mentor, Poster Judge: Scholarships

Livermore Graduate Scholar

Interests: HPC, power-constrained HPC, resource management, performance monitoring,
scientific visualization, student internships in
ISCR, Livermore Graduate Scholar Program,
recent graduate


Kathleen Shoga

Committee Member: Scholarships

Booth Lead | Computer Scientist

Interests: HPC Tools, Big Data, Databases, System Administration, Power Research, New
Employees, Diversity, Internships

Stephanie and Kathleen are doing a booth talk: Thursday, 9/27 at 3:30pm re: HPC Opportunities for Undergrads

Location: LLNL Expo Booth #5912/5914

GHC Committee Members & More


Anh Quach

Committee Member: Organization Transformation
Systers Vietnamese Women in Computing Co-founder/Co-chair

Lead Recruiter, DOE/AnitaB.org Liaison | Senior Staff Computer Scientist/Project Leader

Tableau Data Visualization, Data Virtualization, Enterprise Secure Network, Models Based System
Engineering & Tools, Environmental Programs
DOE/LLNL Student Opportunities, Programs, & Benefits, K-12 (Hour of Code, Girls Who Code)
Dragon Boat Racing, Gardening, Kung Fu Movies, Reading, Hackathons


Tamara Dahlgren

Co-chair: Software Engineering
Session Chair: Software Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Career, and
Tech for Women

Senior Member of the Technical Staff/Software Product Owner

Interests: HPC Workflows, data analysis and visualization, software engineering;
Prior experience includes CS/SE lecturer, student outreach (e.g.,
Expanding Your Horizons)
, and software development for supervisory control systems,
archival storage systems, applications, web applications, and graphical user interfaces


Inés Heinz

Committee Member: Human Computer Interaction
Session Chair: Human Computer Interaction

Computer Coordinator

Interests: Diversity, HPC


Our Hiring Managers

Marcey Kelley

Computation Workforce Manager

Interests: Recruiting, Diversity and Inclusion, Career Development




Robin Goldstone

Livermore Computing

Interests: HPC platforms and system software, big data, cloud computing, next generation
computing and storage technologies




Emily Brannan

LLNL at GHC Administration | Computation Workforce Administrator

Interests: Diversity and Inclusion


Jessica Chapman

Cyber Security Analyst

Interests: Cyber Security incident response, forensics, and STEM/Cyber outreach to youth


Jackie Dubil

Software Developer

Interests: Databases, Operating Systems, Language Design, Career Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Queer in STEM


Alyson Fox

Postdoctoral Researcher

Interests: Variable Computing, Graph Laplacians, Numerical Analysis


Chantal Fry

Software Developer

Interests: Algorithms, Databases, Data structures, Web application development


Cindy Gonzales

LLNL at GHC Administration | Scholar Program Lead, Workforce Support, & Data Science
Institute Admin

Computation Scholar Program and Data Science Institute “know-it-all”
First time attending Grace Hopper!
Career Development, Data Sciences, IoT/Wearable Technology
Recent graduate with a BS in Statistics. Very interested in data visualization, data analytics,
and machine learning.
Running, healthy living, and watching Netflix


Teresa Kamakea

HPC System Administrator

HPC, Diversity, STEM Outreach (Expanding Your Horizons)
Zumba and U-JAM instructor


Daniel Laney

LLNL American Indian Activities Group Representative | Staff Research Scientist and
Software Project Leader

Interests: HPC Workflows, Data analysis and visualization, statistics and machine learning
for design optimization


Amanda Minnich

Staff Research Scientist

Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Computer Science, Drug Discovery,
Hybrid ML/Simulation Models, STEM Outreach and Mentoring


Nisha Mulakken

Staff Research Scientist

Pathogen bioinformatics, Biostatistics
Toastmasters International


Sarah Osborn

Staff Research Scientist

Interests: Applied Math, HPC, Uncertainty Quantification


Tapasya Patki

Staff Research Scientist

Interests: HPC, large-scale scheduling, computer architecture, performance monitoring and
analysis, power-constrained supercomputing


Waverly Roeger

Twitter Takeover, Website | Software Developer

Graph Theory, Algorithms, Data Structures, Databases
K-12 Outreach (Girls Who Code, Expanding Your Horizons)
Club Leadership, Mentoring, Event Planning, Community and Culture Building, Teaching
New Grad, New Employee, Early Career, Strategic Hire
Maze Design, Hackathons, Music, Dance, Dragon Boat Racing, Gymnastics


Marisa Torres

Bioinformatics Group Leader

Pathogen sequence characterization, drug discovery machine learning
Girls Who Code facilitator