Learn the basics of cluster engineering and system installation
student inspects wires in a supercomputer rack
HPC Cluster Engineer Academy

How to Apply

To join the HPC Cluster Engineer Academy, all you need is a desire to learn more about cluster engineering and high performance computing. Our interns have typically completed at least one year of college.

If you are interested in applying for this paid internship, please do the following:

  1. Apply to our general posting (job ID: 105876)
  2. Send the following information to Jean Shuler
    1. Current resume
    2. Cover letter describing your background, interests and career goals and why you are interested in the Academy

    We will review your resume and if there is a good match, you will be contacted. If you are selected you’ll go through an onboarding process as a new employee. LLNL is a Department of Energy laboratory, which means you’ll have to pass a background check and drug screening in order to work onsite. The application process takes several weeks, so be sure to plan ahead. See the Selection Process page for more information about what to expect.


    Jean Shuler
    HPC Cluster Engineer Academy leader
    (925) 423-1909

    Students Speak

    I liked that we got to practice using different compilers.

    Our mentor took a complex topic and broke it down to make it easy to understand.