Our research projects vary in size, scope, and duration, but they share a focus on developing tools and methods that help LLNL deliver on its missions to the nation and, more broadly, advance the state of the art in scientific HPC. Projects are organized here in three ways: Active projects are those currently funded and regularly updated. Legacy projects are no longer actively developed. The A-Z option sorts all projects alphabetically, both active and legacy.

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Livermore Metagenomics Analysis Toolkit

The Livermore Metagenomic Analysis Toolkit (LMAT) is a genome sequencing technology that helps accelerate the comparison of genetic fragments with reference genomes and improve the accuracy of the…

Memory-Centric Architectures

Exploiting Emerging Persistent Memory

A new, complex memory/storage hierarchy is emerging, with persistent memories offering greatly expanded capacity, and augmented by DRAM/SRAM cache and scratchpads to mitigate latency.


High-Order Finite Element Hydrodynamics

Through research funded at LLNL, scientists have developed BLAST, a high-order finite element hydrodynamics research code that improves the accuracy of simulations, provides a path to extreme…


Scalable Checkpoint/Restart for MPI

With SCR, jobs run more efficiently, recover more work upon failure, and reduce load on critical shared resources.


Parallel Time Integration with Multigrid

The scalable multigrid reduction in time (XBraid) approach constructs coarse time grids and uses each coarse time scale solution to improve the next finer-scale solution, ultimately yielding an…