Lawrence Livermore will participate in the 36th annual International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), which will be held virtually on May 30 through June 3, 2022. The event is a forum for computer science research in parallel computation, and it features paper presentations, workshops, tutorials, and more. Be sure to follow LLNL Computing on Twitter with the #IPDPS hashtag. Times below are listed in Pacific Daylight Time.

Monday, May 30

Tuesday, May 31

  • 11:03am – 11:21am | Papers, session 9 | Resource Utilization Aware Job Scheduling to Mitigate Performance Variability | Aniruddha Marathe, Kathleen Shoga, and Todd Gamblin
  • 11:21am – 11:39am | Papers, session 12 | Co-Designing an OpenMP GPU Runtime and Optimizations for Near-Zero Overhead Execution | Giorgis Georgakoudis
  • 11:57am – 12:15pm | Papers, session 9 | DFMan: A Graph-Based Optimization of Dataflow Scheduling on High-Performance Computing Systems | Adam Moody and Kathryn Mohror

Wednesday, June 1

  • 8:45am – 9:15pm | Best Paper Candidates, session 14 | Towards Distributed 2-Approximation Steiner Minimal Trees in Billion-Edge Graphs | Geoffrey Sanders and Roger Pearce

Friday, June 3

LLNL Committee Members

  • Maya Gokhale, system software
  • Judith Hill, system software
  • Keita Iwabuchi, system software
  • Harshitha Gopalakrishnan Menon, programming models & compilers
  • Sarah Osborn, algorithms
  • Ivy Peng, experiments