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Lawrence Livermore heads to the 33rd annual Supercomputing Conference (SC21), which will be held in a hybrid (i.e., virtual and in-person) format throughout November 14–19. Follow LLNL Computing (@Livermore_Comp) on Twitter with the hashtags: #LLNLatSC and #SC21. The Department of Energy (@NatLabsHPC) will also tweet during the event.

All initial broadcast times are listed in Central Standard Time. Please see the Remote Participation FAQ for information about which sessions are pre-recorded, livestreamed, in-person only, and/or available online afterwards, as well as other logistics.

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | LLNL SC Committee Members


Sunday, Nov. 14

Monday, Nov. 15

Tuesday, Nov. 16

Wednesday, Nov. 17

Thursday, Nov. 18

Friday, Nov. 19

LLNL SC Committee Members

two people speaking over view chat with SC21 logo overlaid on the screen
Watch SC21 TV: Get Ready for a Remarkable Week at SC on YouTube (6:26).

Executive Committee

  • Bronis de Supinski – Conference Chair; SC Steering Committee Member; Risk Management Team Member
  • Michele Bianchini-Gunn – Executive Assistant
  • Lori Diachin – Virtual Logistics Chair
  • Todd Gamblin – Technical Program Vice Chair

Other Committees

  • Dong Ahn – Technical Program Committee, Tutorials Member
  • Greg Becker – Virtual Logistics Committee, Tutorials Content Liaison
  • Kristi Belcher – Student Programming Committee, Non-Technical Sessions Member
  • Adam Bertsch – Network Security Committee, Co-Chair; Technical Program Committee, State of the Practice Member
  • Stephanie Brink – Student Cluster Competition Committee, Vice Chair
  • Sam Coleman – Student Cluster Competition Committee Member
  • Hariharan Devarajan – Exhibitor Forum Committee Member
  • Jill Dougherty – Infrastructure Committee, Wayfinding Chair
  • Erik Draeger – Technical Program Committee, Applications Member
  • Nikoli Dryden – Technical Program Committee, Machine Learning & HPC Member
  • Maya Gokhale – Technical Program Committee, Architectures & Networks Chair
  • Elsa Gonsiorowski – Technical Program Committee, System Software Member
  • Judith Hill – Technical Program Committee, Algorithms Member & Research Posters Member
  • Clea Marples – Virtual Logistics Committee, Operations Lead
  • Harshitha Menon – Technical Program Committee, Workshops Member
  • Mark Miller – Technical Program Committee, Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Poster Showcase Member
  • Kathryn Mohror – Local Arrangements Committee, Special Events Chair
  • Rigoberto Moreno Delgado – Student Cluster Competition Committee Member
  • Konstantinos Parasyris – Technical Program Committee, AD/AE Appendices Member
  • Tapasya Patki – Student Cluster Competition Committee Member; Technical Program Committee, Performance Member
  • Ivy Peng – Technical Program Committee, Performance Member
  • Kathleen Shoga – Student Cluster Competition Committee, Chair
  • Jeremy Thomas – Communications Committee, Reporter
  • Brian Van Essen – Technical Program Committee, Machine Learning & HPC Member
  • Jamie Van Randwyk – Infrastructure Committee, Deputy Chair; Virtual Logistics Committee, Infrastructure Space Liaison