Watch SC21 TV: Get Ready for a Remarkable Week at SC on YouTube (6:26).

Lawrence Livermore heads to the 33rd annual Supercomputing Conference (SC21), which will be held in a hybrid (i.e., virtual and in-person) format throughout November 14–19. Follow LLNL Computing (@Livermore_Comp) on Twitter with the hashtags: #LLNLatSC and #SC21. The Department of Energy (@NatLabsHPC) will also tweet during the event.

All initial broadcast times are listed in Central Standard Time. Please see the Remote Participation FAQ for information about which sessions are pre-recorded, livestreamed, in-person only, and/or available online afterwards, as well as other logistics.

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Sunday, Nov. 14

Monday, Nov. 15

Tuesday, Nov. 16

Wednesday, Nov. 17

Thursday, Nov. 18

Friday, Nov. 19

LLNL SC Committee Members

Executive Committee

  • Bronis de Supinski – Conference Chair; SC Steering Committee Member; Risk Management Team Member
  • Michele Bianchini-Gunn – Executive Assistant
  • Lori Diachin – Virtual Logistics Chair
  • Todd Gamblin – Technical Program Vice Chair

Other Committees

  • Dong Ahn – Technical Program Committee, Tutorials Member
  • Greg Becker – Virtual Logistics Committee, Tutorials Content Liaison
  • Kristi Belcher – Student Programming Committee, Non-Technical Sessions Member
  • Adam Bertsch – Network Security Committee, Co-Chair; Technical Program Committee, State of the Practice Member
  • Stephanie Brink – Student Cluster Competition Committee, Vice Chair
  • Sam Coleman – Student Cluster Competition Committee Member
  • Hariharan Devarajan – Exhibitor Forum Committee Member
  • Jill Dougherty – Infrastructure Committee, Wayfinding Chair
  • Erik Draeger – Technical Program Committee, Applications Member
  • Nikoli Dryden – Technical Program Committee, Machine Learning & HPC Member
  • Maya Gokhale – Technical Program Committee, Architectures & Networks Chair
  • Elsa Gonsiorowski – Technical Program Committee, System Software Member
  • Judith Hill – Technical Program Committee, Algorithms Member & Research Posters Member
  • Clea Marples – Virtual Logistics Committee, Operations Lead
  • Harshitha Menon – Technical Program Committee, Workshops Member
  • Mark Miller – Technical Program Committee, Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Poster Showcase Member
  • Kathryn Mohror – Local Arrangements Committee, Special Events Chair
  • Rigoberto Moreno Delgado – Student Cluster Competition Committee Member
  • Konstantinos Parasyris – Technical Program Committee, AD/AE Appendices Member
  • Tapasya Patki – Student Cluster Competition Committee Member; Technical Program Committee, Performance Member
  • Ivy Peng – Technical Program Committee, Performance Member
  • Kathleen Shoga – Student Cluster Competition Committee, Chair
  • Jeremy Thomas – Communications Committee, Reporter
  • Brian Van Essen – Technical Program Committee, Machine Learning & HPC Member
  • Jamie Van Randwyk – Infrastructure Committee, Deputy Chair; Virtual Logistics Committee, Infrastructure Space Liaison