ExReDi: Extreme Resilient Discretization


Center for Applied Scientific Computing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLNL’s role has been the arithmetic intensity analysis and development of ABFT schemes for high-order finite volume methods for hyperbolic systems.  In addition, the ROSE team at Livermore has led the tool development effort

Applied Numerical Algorithms Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

LBNL’s role has been the arithmetic intensity analysis and development high-order particle methods and local discrete convolution methods.  In addition, LBNL has led the development of resilience techniques for hierarchical block-structure AMR algorithms through collaboration with the Global View Resilience project at Argonne National Laboratory.  Finally, the LBNL team has been investigating segmental refinement techniques for low-memory versions of multigrid.

Colorado State University

The CSU team has focused on highly performant implementations of high-order finite volume discretizations through a variety of data arrangement and code organization optimizations, including the use of dynamic runtime systems.