scalable linear solvers collage

Livermore’s hypre library of linear solvers makes possible larger, more detailed simulations by solving problems faster than traditional methods at large scales. It offers a comprehensive suite of scalable solvers for large-scale scientific simulation, featuring parallel multigrid methods for both structured and unstructured grid problems. The hypre library is highly portable and supports a number of languages.

Work on hypre began in the late 1990s. It has since been used by research institutions and private companies to simulate groundwater flow, magnetic fusion energy plasmas in tokamaks and stellarators, blood flow through the heart, fluid flow in steam generators for nuclear power plants, and pumping activity in oil reservoirs, to name just a few areas. In 2007, hypre won an R&D 100 award from R&D Magazine as one of the year’s most significant technological breakthroughs.

The hypre team was one of the first to develop algebraic multigrid algorithms and software for extreme-scale parallel supercomputers. The team maintains an active role in the multigrid research community and is recognized for its leadership in both algorithm and software development.

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