Lawrence Livermore heads to the 35th annual Supercomputing Conference (SC23), which will be held in a hybrid format throughout November 12–17. Follow LLNL Computing (@Livermore_Comp) on Twitter/X with the hashtags: #LLNLatSC and #SC23. The Department of Energy (@NatLabsHPC) will also post to social media during the event.

All times are listed in Mountain Standard Time. Please see the Digital Experience page for information about which sessions will be available virtually. (BoF indicates Birds of a Feather.)

Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | LLNL SC Committee Members


Sunday, Nov. 12

Monday, Nov. 13

Tuesday, Nov. 14

Wednesday, Nov. 15

Thursday, Nov. 16

Friday, Nov. 17

LLNL SC Committee Members

  • Adam Bertsch – Network security teams chair; Student volunteer reviewer
  • Anna Maria Bailey – AD/AE appendices committee member; Workshops committee member
  • Brian Van Essen – Machine learning and HPC committee member
  • Clea Marples – Local arrangements chair
  • Edgar Leon – Exhibitor forum chair
  • Giorgis Georgakoudis – Birds of a feather committee member
  • Hariharan Devarajan – AD/AE appendices committee member
  • Ignacio Laguna – Programming frameworks and system software committee member
  • Jamie Lewis – Student volunteer committee member
  • Jamie Van Randwyk – Finance chair
  • Judith Hill – Research posters committee member
  • Kathleen Shoga – Architectures and networks committee member
  • Kathryn Mohror – Technical program co-chair
  • Loïc Pottier – ACM undergraduate posters committee member
  • Lori Diachin – Special event chair
  • Mark Miller – Demographics chair
  • Michele Bianchini-Gunn – Infrastructure vice-chair
  • Nikoli Dryden – Machine learning and HPC committee member
  • Peer-Timo Bremer – Scientific visualizations & data analytics poster showcase committee member
  • Sam Coleman – Student cluster competition committee member
  • Stephanie Dempsey – Early career program chair; New volunteers chair
  • Tal Ben-Nun – Performance measurement, modeling, and tools committee member
  • Todd Gamblin – Performance measurement, modeling, and tools committee member; Test of time award committee member
  • Tony Baylis – Inclusivity co-chair; HPC Illuminations Pavilion committee member
  • Ulrike Meier Yang – Algorithms committee member