Current Proposed Set of LLNL Proxies

The following table outlines the proposed suite of proxy applications either developed, in development, or planned at LLNL as part of our co-design effort. Several are available today for download, while others will require you to contact us for further information while we build a comprehensive site for distribution and feedback.


Name Type Language(s) Size(loc) Description
AMG2013 mini C, MPI, OpenMP 75,000 Algebraic Multi Grid (subset of hypre library)
Kripke mini C++, MPI, OpenMP 4,200 Sweep based, structured mesh deterministic transport
Laghos mini C++, MPI 2,000+
dependency on MFEM
Compressible shock hydrodynamics using unstructured high-order finite elements.
LULESH mini C++, MPI, OpenMP 5,250 Explicit Lagrangian shock hydrodynamics on unstructured mesh representation
MACSio mini

C, C++, Fortran, MPI + various I/O libs

10,000 Multi-purpose, Application-Centric, Scalable I/O
Pynamic skeleton C, MPI, python   Dynamically-linked library loading test
Quicksilver mini C++, MPI, OpenMP, Cuda ~8,000 Monte Carlo Particle Transport, multigroup cross sections

No plans for further development. Provided as-is. Access restricted per EAR99. Available to select partners on a case-by-case basis.

Name Type Language(s) Size(loc) Description
Lassen mini C++, Charm++ 3,500 Front-tracking through a 2D mesh. Highly load-imbalanced
Mulard mini C++ 46,000 Unstructured mesh, finite element, implicit multigroup radiation diffusion

Unsupported and replaced by a newer supported proxy app, see individual app page for details.

Name Type Language(s) Size(loc) Description
LCALS kernel C++ 4,000 Suite of kernels in a unified framework for testing compilers SIMD and threading
MCB mini C++, MPI, OpenMP 13,200 Monte Carlo Particle Transport