Stable Modules Available in This Release

  • status: Extension of the status object.
  • requests: Request tracking for asynchronous communication.
  • datatype: Datatype tracking and walking.
  • comm: Communication abstraction into small number of callbacks.
  • empty: Basic wrapper that can be used as a starting point for new modules.
  • switch-matrix: Example of a switch module to distinguish row and column communication.

Experimental Modules and Module Ideas

  • delay: Introduce artificial latency increases.
  • piggyback: Transparent piggybacking on MPI messages.
  • checksum: Compute and verify checksums for each message.
  • msgrate: Measure message rates.
  • critpath: Record the critical path.
  • cpprofile: Aggregate profile data along the critical path.
  • nope: Trace generation for the NOPE format.