Innovative data representations and algorithms provide faster, more efficient ways to preserve information encoded in data
Plots of density from a simulation of shock diffraction in an L-shaped channel
Variable Precision Computing


The Variable Precision Computing project benefits from a diverse team of mathematicians and computer scientists.

  • Numerical Analysis Team: Jeff Hittinger (principal investigator), Daniel Osei-Kuffuor, Geoff Sanders, Alyson Fox, Dylan Copeland
  • Tool Development Team: Daniel Quinlan (co-PI), Markus Schordan, Scott Lloyd, Harshitha Menon, Tristan Vanderbruggen
  • Data Analysis Team: Peter Lindstrom (co-PI), Peer-Timo Bremer, Harsh Bhatia
  • External Collaborators: Valerio Pascucci (University of Utah), Alfredo Metere (International Computer Science Institute; University of California, Berkeley), Mike Lam (James Madison University)
  • Students: James Diffenderfer, James Herring, Hoang Duong, Pavol Klacansky, Garrett Folks, Lucia Yang