To help safeguard employees against COVID-19 in the workplace early in the pandemic, LLNL committed funding and resources to operate the Capability for Return of the Off-site Workforce Now, or CROWN Lab, an on-site testing facility managed by the Director’s Office. To support the CROWN Lab, LivIT staff developed a battery of tools including a COVID-19 case management and contact tracing application so that case managers from LLNL’s Health Services Department could track the health of the workforce.

They also developed an application that tracked COVID-19 test results so case managers could easily access the official-use-only data, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) so employees could report their immunizations, a vaccination scheduling website, and an assurance testing and notification application. The assurance application allows a specific population at the Lab to schedule COVID-19 test appointments, notifies management if someone needs a test, and interfaces with EHRs to track vaccination card verification statuses, lab results, and employees’ wellness questionnaires.

LivIT also developed a report so the data from COVID-19 testing, vaccination, and population management could be compiled into a weekly summary used to track the health of employees coming on site.

“As the pandemic evolved, what the Lab needed to maintain operations and protect the workforce changed. At first, we focused on testing, then on contact tracing. When the first batch of vaccines arrived, we put together a scheduling tool. This pandemic really kept us on our toes. But again and again, I’m proud to say that our team met the challenge,” says Dianne Calloway, whose team supports the Environment Safety and Health Directorate and the Director’s Office.