check-in email body and design
The Daily Wellness Check-in tool is used to report LLNL’s daily on-site population to NNSA. (Click to enlarge.)

LivIT’s Workforce Enablement team developed the Daily Wellness Check-in tool to meet LLNL and Department of Energy reporting requirements, track Lab population density on site, communicate with employees, and provide a collaborative space for Lab management. The Wellness Check-in needed to be fully automated, scalable, flexible, reliable, utilize an existing toolset, and require minimal administrative overhead.

Karen Clendenin, systems and senior network associate and service manager, helped develop an automated daily email with a customizable message body and internal and external delivery options. The email directed employees to check into a simple, intuitive website that asked a few straightforward questions about their health, the date they planned to come on site, which organization they work for, and then processed the responses. The data was then updated daily and weekly and could be exported for monthly reports as well as for ad-hoc data calls. Graphs generated from the data allowed managers and Lab leadership to see how many people were checking in to work on site or to inspect other parts of the raw data.

“The most challenging aspect of this project was meeting the criteria established at the onset of the effort for usability, scalability, and flexibility,” says Clendenin. “There were a number of moving parts with the Wellness Check-in, with multiple target timeframes throughout each day where data and reporting had to be reliably produced. Since its inception, several thousands of Lab employees have used the tool across multiple devices. The knowledge gained during the execution and maintenance of the Wellness Check-in over the past 18 months has proven useful and translatable to other efforts.”