Logic In Memory Emulator (LIME) is an FPGA-based hardware memory subsystem emulator. The emulator can be configured to capture every memory access issued to the memory subsystem without perturbing the running software application. It can be configured to emulate a wide range of memory read and write latencies. The emulator is also designed for easy insertion of custom logic to emulate memory-based processing, such as the Data Rearrangement Engine (Lloyd and Gokhale, IEEE Computer, August 2015).

Download complete data intensive benchmark set
Source code and associated data sets for all the data intensive benchmarks. Or you may choose them individually below:

perm-je-0.9.7.tar.gz | Perm is a 'C' library for persistent heap management and is intended for use with a dynamic-memory allocator (e.g., malloc, free).

DI-MMAP | a high-performance, data-intensive memory-map runtime for Linux; Git repository on BitBucket.

PerMA simulator | a high-performance non-volatile random access memory simulator for Linux; Git repository in BitBucket.

LMAT | a bioinformatics application that makes use of the DI-MMAP runtime and perm-je library. Involves the query of a large memory-mapped database.

HavoqGT | a framework for expressing asynchronous vertex-centric graph algorithms; Git repository on BitBucket.