Computing is a team of 1,000 smart, collaborative, innovative people who are inspired by working on advanced, game-changing solutions to some of the world’s most difficult problems. We’re world-renowned experts, mothers and fathers, award winners, strategic thinkers, sports enthusiasts, globetrotters, and lifelong learners—people whose personal values motivate them to make a difference in the world.

Learn more below about some of the people who make up our team, or check out for bios of many of our Computing team members.

Greg Lee

Greg Lee appreciates a challenge, both on and off the court

Greg Lee helps develop tools designed to boost performance and productivity of Livermore scientists.

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Jeene Villanueva

Jeene Villanueva leads by example

Jeene Villanueva develops enterprise modeling tools that help DOE decision makers gain insight into the challenging problems faced by the U.S. nuclear weapons complex.

Careers | Data Science | Data-Driven Decisions | Diversity | Information Technology | Outreach

Olga Pearce

Olga Pearce helps supercomputers find their balance

Olga Pearce studies how to detect and correct load imbalance in high performance computing applications.

Careers | HPC Systems and Software | Performance, Portability, and Productivity

Chris Morrone

Chris Morrone’s work shines, thanks to Lustre

Working extensively with open-source software such as Lustre and engaging with the broader open-source community is what computer scientist Chris Morrone enjoys most about his job, and it is one of the features that attracted him to LLNL in the first place.

Careers | HPC Systems and Software | Storage, File Systems, and I/O

Kathryn Mohror

Kathryn Mohror loves HPC, faults and all

Kathryn Mohror develops tools that give researchers the information they need to tune their programs and maximize results. After all, she says, “It’s all about getting the answers more quickly.”

Careers | Fault Tolerance and Resilience | HPC Systems and Software | Performance, Portability, and Productivity