Computing is a team of 1,000 smart, collaborative, innovative people who are inspired by working on advanced, game-changing solutions to some of the world’s most difficult problems. We’re world-renowned experts, mothers and fathers, award winners, strategic thinkers, sports enthusiasts, globetrotters, and lifelong learners—people whose personal values motivate them to make a difference in the world.

Learn more below about some of the people who make up our team, or check out for bios of many of our Computing team members.

Gordon Lau

Gordon Lau leads, motivates, and educates

When computer scientist Gordon Lau arrived at Lawrence Livermore more than 20 years ago, he was a contractor assigned to a laser isotope separation project.

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Joshua Senecal

Joshua Senecal finds balance at NIF

The NIF Computing team plays a key role in this smoothly running facility, and computer scientist Joshua Senecal supports multiple operational areas.

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Elsa Gonsiorowski

Elsa Gonsiorowski helps users and applications perform their best

“If applications don’t read and write files in an efficient manner,” system software developer Elsa Gonsiorowski warns, “entire systems can crash.”

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Marisol Gamboa

Marisol Gamboa inspires the next generation

At just 5 years old, Marisol Gamboa, the oldest of six siblings to Mexican immigrants, decided she was definitely going to college.

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Juan Ramos

Juan Ramos charts an unusual career path to IT

Juan Ramos discovered a professional calling in computer networking, security, and information technology while in the Marines.

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Tamara Dahlgren

Tammy Dahlgren inspires women in technology

Tammy Dahlgren has worked primarily in software development and research, as well as on efforts ranging from systems and middleware to applications development and software quality assurance. “I like challenges, trying different things, and the opportunity to make a positive impact,” she says.

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Carol Woodward

Carol Woodward helps scientists solve diverse challenges

CASC researcher Carol Woodward consults on a diverse array of projects at the Laboratory and beyond. “It’s nice because it means I can work at the same place and not be stuck just doing one thing,” she says.

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Julia Ramirez

Julia Ramirez keeps environmental auditors happy

Julia Ramirez helps automate and streamline LLNL processes for preparing reports and responding to audits.

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Edgar Leon

Edgar Leon inspires young scholars

Working on world-class supercomputers at a U.S. national laboratory was not what Edgar Leon, a native of Mexico, envisioned when he began preparing for university.

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Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson earns a name as “the GRAPE guy”

Peter Robinson develops major infrastructure components and code development processes for ALE3D, a numerical simulation tool.

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Greg Lee

Greg Lee appreciates a challenge, both on and off the court

Greg Lee helps develop tools designed to boost performance and productivity of Livermore scientists.

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Jeene Villanueva

Jeene Villanueva leads by example

Jeene Villanueva develops enterprise modeling tools that help DOE decision makers gain insight into the challenging problems faced by the U.S. nuclear weapons complex.

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Olga Pearce

Olga Pearce helps supercomputers find their balance

Olga Pearce studies how to detect and correct load imbalance in high performance computing applications.

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Brian Gunney

Brian Gunney values real-world results, in work and play

Brian Gunney became fascinated with the field of computational fluid dynamics because he thought it could be critical in solving many problems he considered unsolvable.

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Todd Gamblin

Todd Gamblin goes to extremes

Todd Gamblin leads the PAVE project, which develops performance data visualization techniques that are more intuitive for application scientists.

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Maya Gokhale

Maya Gokhale thrives on change

Computer scientist Maya Gokhale appreciates the unpredictability and rapid pace of change in her chosen field. “You never know where computing is going to go, and that’s what’s exciting about it,” she says.

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Chris Morrone

Chris Morrone’s work shines, thanks to Lustre

Working extensively with open-source software such as Lustre and engaging with the broader open-source community is what computer scientist Chris Morrone enjoys most about his job, and it is one of the features that attracted him to LLNL in the first place.

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Kathryn Mohror

Kathryn Mohror loves HPC, faults and all

Kathryn Mohror develops tools that give researchers the information they need to tune their programs and maximize results. After all, she says, “It’s all about getting the answers more quickly.”

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