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Bronis in front of the Sierra supercomputer

Source: LLNL News

De Supinski named one of HPCwire’s People to Watch

The HPC industry publication HPCwire named Bronis R. de Supinski, LLNL’s chief technology officer for Livermore Computing, as one of its People to Watch for 2021.

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Rob Falgout 2021 SIAM Fellow

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LLNL’s Falgout named to 2021 Class of SIAM Fellows

SIAM announced its 2021 Class of Fellows, including LLNL computational mathematician Rob Falgout. Falgout is best known for his development of multigrid methods and for hypre, one of the world’s most popular parallel multigrid codes.

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Screen shot of Youngsoo’s talk showing his video feed on one side and a slide depicting reduced order methods equations on the other.

Source: Data Science Institute

Virtual seminar series explores data-driven physical simulations

Led by computational scientist Youngsoo Choi, the Data-Driven Physical Simulation reading group has been meeting biweekly since October 2019. The pandemic almost disbanded the group... until it turned into a virtual seminar series.

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collage of speakers in video chat windows

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COVID-19 HPC Consortium reflects on past year

COVID-19 HPC Consortium scientists and stakeholders met virtually to mark the consortium’s one-year anniversary, discussing the progress of research projects and the need to pursue a broader organization to mobilize supercomputing access for future crises.

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AI systems summit logo on white background

Source: HPCwire

AI Systems Summit keynote: Brace for system level heterogeneity says de Supinski

In his opening keynote address at the AI Systems Summit, LLNL CTO Bronis de Supinski described integration of two AI-specific systems to achieve system level heterogeneity.

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Photo of Hiranmayi next to the word HPC where the C resembles the symbol for female

Source: Supercomputing 2021

Meet six trailblazing women in HPC

In recognition of March as International Women’s History Month, SC21 profiled six women doing trailblazing work, including LLNL's Hiranmayi Ranganathan.

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ATOM logo on black background with the O represented by an atomic structure

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ATOM Consortium welcomes 3 DOE national labs to accelerate drug discovery

The Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine consortium, of which LLNL is part, announced the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne, Brookhaven and Oak Ridge national labs are joining the consortium to further develop ATOM’s AI-driven drug discovery platform.

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winter 2021 hackathon logo

Source: Data Science Institute

Winter hackathon highlights data science talks and tutorial

The Data Science Institute sponsored LLNL’s 27th hackathon on February 11–12. Organizers offered a deep learning tutorial and presentations showcasing data science techniques.

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Molecular dynamics simulations with insets showing molecules

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Research uncovers missing physics in explosive hotspots

Research conducted on the Quartz supercomputer highlights findings made by scientists that reveal a missing aspect of the physics of hotspots in TATB and other explosives.

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screen shot of 25 WebEx participants

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Lab event encourages growth of women in data science

Coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8, LLNL’s 4th Women in Data Science (WiDS) regional event brought women together to discuss successes, opportunities and challenges of being female in a mostly male field.

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El Capitan rendering

Source: The Next Platform

Livermore converges a slew of new ideas for exascale storage

CTO Bronis de Supinski discusses the integrated storage strategy of the future El Capitan exascale supercomputing system, which will have in excess of 2 exaflops of raw computing power spread across nodes.

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divesity summit logo on a read and yellow background alongside Jeene's photo

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Villanueva shares path to growth at diversity summit

Jeene Villanueva, LLNL computer scientist and group leader, represented the Lab at the 2021 Lab Manager Diversity Digital Summit, "Building Better Labs: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion."

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Frontiers of Engineering logo overlaid on abstract art

Source: Frontiers of Engineering

Ana Kupresanin featured in FOE alumni spotlight

LLNL's Ana Kupresanin, CASC deputy director and member of the Data Science Institute council, was recently featured in a Frontiers of Engineering alumni spotlight. FOE is run by the National Academy of Engineering nonprofit organization.

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collage of four researchers and examples of chest x-rays

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'Self-trained' deep learning to improve disease diagnosis

LLNL and IBM research on deep learning models to accurately diagnose diseases from x-ray images won the Best Paper award for Computer-Aided Diagnosis at the SPIE Medical Imaging Conference.

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photo of Ghaleb who is wearing a mask poolside

Source: Virginia Tech

Ghaleb Abdulla named a Virginia Tech computer science notable alumni

As part of the 50th anniversary of Virginia Tech’s computer science department, the university is featuring active and dynamic alumni—including LLNL computer scientist Ghaleb Abdulla.

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CASC and SIAMCSE logos side by side

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SIAM CSE21 event calendar

Our researchers will be well represented at the virtual SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE21) on March 1–5. SIAM is the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics with an international community of more than 14,500 individual members.

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presentation slide showing a watercolor rabbit overlaid on a photo of a forest

Source: HPCwire

Livermore’s El Capitan supercomputer to debut HPE ‘Rabbit’ near node local storage

A near node local storage innovation called Rabbit factored heavily into LLNL’s decision to select Cray’s proposal for its CORAL-2 machine, the lab’s first exascale-class supercomputer, El Capitan.

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abstract graphic of a brain and network overlaid with the CASC logo

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CASC research in machine learning robustness debuts at AAAI conference

Three papers address feature importance estimation under distribution shifts, attribute-guided adversarial training, and uncertainty matching in graph neural networks.

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illustration showing the LbC method of simulator inputs into a prediction estimator

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Lab researchers explore ‘learn-by-calibration’ approach to deep learning

An LLNL team has developed a “Learn-by-Calibrating” method for creating powerful scientific emulators that could be used as proxies for far more computationally intensive simulators.

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collage of Lab scenes with glassdoor logo

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Lab makes Glassdoor’s 2021 list of ‘Best Places to Work’

For the third consecutive year, LLNL has been honored with a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, recognizing the Best Places to Work in 2021.

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successive photos of a cheetah with a patch of the image generated by a machine learning algorithm

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Lawrence Livermore computer scientist heads award-winning computer vision research

A team led by LLNL developed a new kind of prior—a characterization of the space of natural images—for compressive image recovery that is trained on patches of images instead of full-sized images.

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 simulation of protein-lipid dynamics for a 1 µm x 1 µm membrane subsection at near-atomistic resolution

Source: HPCwire

Scientists tap the power of HPC in a bet to understand cancer growth

A multi-institutional team including LLNL is using Summit, America’s fastest supercomputer, to understand how certain proteins signal body cells to reproduce uncontrollably, triggering cancer.

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Photo of Bronis next to IEEE logo

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LLNL’s de Supinski earns prestigious IEEE Fellowship

IEEE, the world's largest technical professional organization, has named Livermore Computing CTO Bronis de Supinski to its 2021 Class of Fellows for his leadership in large-scale computing systems.

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diagram of a robust machine learning life cycle

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NeurIPS papers aim to improve understanding and robustness of machine learning algorithms

The 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems features two papers advancing the reliability of deep learning for mission-critical applications at LLNL.

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screen shot of multiple people in video chat

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Girls Who Code ‘Big’ program goes virtual

The first-ever virtual Girls Who Code – "Big" program (a collaboration between LLNL, the Livermore Lab Foundation, and the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District) recently wrapped up.

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