LLNL Computing’s ground-breaking research and development activities, innovative technologies, and world-class staff are often featured in various media outlets.

Ian speaking at a podium

Source: YouTube.com

Video: An introduction to open source software

Computer engineer Ian Lee describes the Lab’s OSS community, activities, and policies. This talk was recorded for the 2020 LLNL Computing Virtual Expo.

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simulation of aluminum sheet metal processing

Source: LLNL News

DOE announces five new energy projects at LLNL

LLNL will collaborate with Machina Labs to apply ML to aluminum sheet metal processing for aerospace and automotive applications. Five recently announced LLNL-led projects will be funded by HPC4EI.

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Ruby supercomputer

Source: The Next Platform

What put LLNL at the center of U.S. supercomputing in 2020?

The Next Platform's Nicole Hemsoth writes that LLNL's addition of new hardware kept us at the front of the supercomputing news cycle throughout most of the year.

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Ruby supercomputer

Source: LLNL News

LLNL welcomes 'Ruby' supercomputer for national nuclear security mission and COVID-19 research

Ruby, a 6-petaflop cluster, will be used for in support of the NNSA’s stockpile stewardship mission, open science, and the search for therapeutic drugs and designer antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.

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SC20 logo

Source: LLNL News

Department of Energy to showcase scientific computational expertise at SC20

The scientific computing and networking leadership of 17 DOE national labs will be showcased at SC20, taking place Nov. 9-19 for the first time via a completely virtual format.

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Carol Woodward in front of a whiteboard covered in math notations

Source: LLNL News

Women’s math association names Woodward a Fellow

The Association for Women in Mathematics has named computational scientist Carol Woodward as a 2021 fellow, recognizing her commitment to supporting and advancing women in the mathematical sciences.

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Mammoth computing cluster

Source: LLNL News

Mammoth computing cluster to aid COVID research

Funded by the CARES Act, LLNL's new computing cluster, Mammoth, will be used to perform genomics analysis, nontraditional simulations, and graph analytics required by scientists working on COVID-19.

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one and zeros forming a tunnel

Source: LLNL Computing

Computing trio wins Best Paper Award at OpenMP Workshop

A team of LLNL computer scientists and a collaborator from Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) won the Best Paper Award at the International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP) 2020 in September.

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SC20 logo

Source: LLNL Computing

Looking ahead to SC20: more than HPC

LLNL’s Computing Directorate heads to the 32nd annual Supercomputing Conference (SC20) held virtually on November 9–19. Although the format is different this year, we’re turning out in full force.

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collage of students and mentors on Zoom video chats

Source: LLNL News

Girls persevere for STEM in virtual conference

More than 150 girls participated in the San Joaquin Expanding Your Horizons (SJEYH) conference via Zoom last month. LLNL Computing staff were among the online speakers.

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SC20 logo

Source: LLNL Computing

SC20 event calendar

LLNL participates in the 32nd annual Supercomputing Conference (SC20) held virtually on November 9–19, 2020.

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Corona supercomputing cluster

Source: LLNL News

AI gets a boost via LLNL, SambaNova collaboration

LLNL has installed a new AI accelerator into the Corona supercomputer, allowing researchers to run simulations while offloading AI calculations from those simulations to the AI system.

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screen shot of video showing Todd talking to three people and showing a slide of a graph

Source: YouTube

Video: Build all the things with Spack

LLNL computer scientist and Spack PI Todd Gamblin explains how the package manager works in this video from CppCon (C++ Conference). The video runs 6:53.

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exascale day with date of October 18

Source: Exascale Computing Project

Celebrate exascale computing on October 18

LLNL will celebrate the second annual Exascale Day on October 18 with the DOE's Exascale Computing Project, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Argonne, and Oak Ridge.

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side-by-side comparison of Cerebras wafer next to a GPU

Source: HPCwire

LLNL, ANL and GSK provide early glimpse into Cerebras AI system performance

Livermore Computing's CTO Bronis de Supinski discusses the Lab's early work with, and vision for, the Cerebras-Lassen hardware integration.

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Corona supercomputer

Source: LLNL News

Corona supercomputer gets funding for COVID-19 work

Funding by the CARES Act enabled LLNL and industry partners to more than double the speed of the Corona supercomputing cluster to in excess of 11 petaFLOPS of peak performance.

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LLNL scientists use novel methods of in silico microscopy to reveal defects in the crystal lattice (green and red line objects and gray surface objects at the top) while removing all the atoms (yellow balls at the bottom) for clarity

Source: LLNL News

LLNL team solves 100-year-old metallurgy puzzle

To solve a 100-year puzzle in metallurgy about why single crystals show staged hardening while others don’t, LLNL scientists performed atomistic simulations at the limits of supercomputing.

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PSAAP logo of the acronym, a scroll, and electron fields

Source: LLNL News

LLNL to provide supercomputing resources to universities selected by NNSA ASC program

LLNL will provide significant computing resources to students and faculty from 9 universities that were newly selected for participation in the Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP).

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two people on video chat alongside Comp Scholars and OSS logos

Source: LLNL Computing

Open-source software community welcomes virtual internships

This summer, the Computing Scholar Program welcomed 160 undergraduate and graduate students into virtual internships. The Lab’s open-source community was already primed for student participation.

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closeup of the inside of the Summit supercomputer

Source: ORNL

Summit on Summit, Sierra, and Perlmutter hits second anniversary

When it comes to solving complex technical issues for GPU-accelerated supercomputers, the national labs have found that tackling them is “better together.”

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computer rendering of a human skeleton with vasculature exposed

Source: YouTube.com

Video: How are we fighting cancer with 3D bioprinting?

LLNL pairs 3D-printed human brain vasculature with computational flow simulations to understand tumor cell attachment to blood vessels, a step in secondary tumor formation during cancer metastasis.

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group of women attending the GHC conference

Source: LLNL Computing

GHC20: Grace Hopper Celebration

Many LLNL women and allies attend Grace Hopper Celebration every year to learn, to network, and to be inspired.

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FFS header with spack logo and Episode #30

Source: Floss for Science Podcast

Podcast: Spack package manager on Floss for Science

An interview with Todd Gamblin from the LLNL about the Spack project, discussing his current research project along with his involvement in Spack.

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visualization of blood flow in a blood vessel

Source: LLNL News

Research team pairs 3D bioprinting and computer modeling to examine cancer spread in blood vessels

LLNL and Duke University combined 3D bioprinting and computational flow models to analyze the physics behind circulating tumor cell behavior and the cells’ attachment to the vascular endothelium.

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colorful abstract image of lines radiating outward from a central point

Source: LLNL Computing

Our 25th hackathon was a virtual success

Computing’s summer hackathon was held virtually on August 6–7 and featured presentations from teams who tested software technologies, expanded project features, or explored new ways of analyzing data.

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