LC Acronyms and Initialisms

For acronyms and initialisms specific to MPI, see the MPI glossary.

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ACTC Advanced Computing Technology Center (of IBM)
ADaPT Advanced Design and Production Technologies
AISSO Alternate Information Systems Security Officer
AIX Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM's version of the UNIX operating system)
AOISSO Alternate Organizational Information Systems Security Officer
APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report (A request for correction of a defect in a current release of an IBM-supplied program.)
API application programming interface
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ASAP Academic Strategic Alliance Program
ASC Advanced Simulation and Computing (formerly ASCI, Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative)
ASDE ASC Simulation Development Environment
ASIC application specific integrated circuit
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
BIS boot/install server
BNU basic network utilities
CDE Common Desktop Environment
CERT Computer Emergency Response Team
CHAOS clustered high availability operating system (LC's locally maintained Linux distribution)
CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability
CLI command line interface
CMDS Computer Misuse Detection System
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CSS Communication subsystem (refers to SP switch)
CTR Combined Technology Refresh
CWS control work station
CZ Collaboration Zone, part of the Enclave created for unclassified computing
DAT dedicated access time
DES Data Encryption Standard
DisCom Distance and Distributed Computing and Communication
DMA direct memory access
DNS Domain Name System or Distributed Name Service
DPCL Dynamic Probe Class Library (a Parallel Tools Consortium project)
DRM distributed resource management
DTS distributed time service
DVCs Data and Visualization Corridors
DVS Data and Visualization Sciences (formerly VIEWS)
EDAC error detection and correction
Elan emulated local area network (LC's Quadrics network)
EN Enterprise Network, where LLNL desktops, web pages (MYLLNL), and other LLNL servers and services reside
ESNet Energy Sciences Network
ESSL Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (IBM)
ETU estimated time up
FDDI fiber distributed data interface
FIS File Interchange Service
FLOPS floating point operations per second
GA general availability (GA is when a machine is ready for production computing, and any of the class of users the machine is targeted to serve may request and be granted accounts.)
GB gigabytes
gigaFLOPS billions of floating point operations per second (abbreviation is GF)
GPFS Global Parallel File System
graPHIGS IBM's implementation of the ANSI proposed standard Programmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System (PHIGS)
HAEM High Availability Event Manager
HIPPI high performance parallel interface
HPC high performance computing
HPCC high performance computing and communications
HPGN high performance gateway node
HPSS High Performance Storage System (High Performance Supercomputer System)
IA64 Common term for the 64-bit Intel architecture
IPA IP Port Allow; Internet Protocol Authentication
ISB intermediate switchboard
ISSO Information Systems Security Officer
IWS integrated work sheet
Kb kilobyte
LA limited availability (LA indicates a machine is available for use but not yet ready for general availability (GA). A limited number of user accounts are added; however, sometimes not all of the new account requests can be granted.)
LC Livermore Computing (Center)
LPP AIX generic "License Program Product" (component of SP software)
Mb megabits (data transfer rate of a communications system)
MB megabytes (size or data transfer rate of a storage device, which is accessed in multiples of eight bits)
megaFLOPS million floating point operations per second (abbreviation is MF)
M&IC Multiprogrammatic and Institutional Computing Initiative
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPP massively parallel processor
MU Multiuser (computer system)
MUSPPA multiple user space processes per adapter
Mutex Mutual exclusion
NetApp Network Appliance, Inc.
NID network intrusion detection
NIM network installation management
NIS Network Information Service
NSB node switch board
NTP Network Time Protocol
NFS Network File System Protocol
NREN National Research and Education Network
OCF Open Computing Facility
ODM Object Data Manager
OISSO Organizational Information System Security Officer
OLN Open LabNet
OTP One Time Password, can refer to your RSA SecurID token or your Cryptocard token
OTS open terminal server
PAC personal access code
Pbyte, PB petabyte; a quadrillion bytes
PESSL Parallel Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library (IBM)
petaFLOPS quadrillion floating point operations per second (abbreviation is PF)
PDS Protected Distribution System
PE parallel environment
PIOFS parallel input/output file system
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PMAPI Problem Management or Performance Monitor Application Programming Interface
PMR problem management record
POE Parallel Operating Environment
PSAAP Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program
PSE Problem Solving Environment
PSSP Parallel System Support Programs
PTF Program temporary fix (For zSeries, iSeries, and pSeries products, a fix that is made available to all customers. A program temporary fix is tested by IBM.)
PTPE Performance Toolbox Parallel Environment
PTS Protected Transmission Systems
RAID Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
RMAPI Resource Monitor Application Program Interface
RML Reliable Messaging Library
RPC remote procedure call
RSCT Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology
RVSD recoverable virtual shared disk
RZ Restricted Zone, part of the Enclave created for unclassified computing, for those with restricted data
RZFIS Restricted Zone File Interchange System (fis), used by restricted zone users to transfer data to/from the classified computing resources
RZGW Restricted Zone GateWay, a machine used as a gateway to the restricted zone
SANs storage and system area networks
SBW simulated batch workload
SCF Secure Computing Facility
SDE Simulation Development Environment
SLURM Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
SMIT Systems Management Interface Tool (Software Management Interface Tool)
SMP shared memory processor or symmetric multiprocessor
SP Scalable Powerparallel
sPPM simplified piecewise parabolic method
SPOT shared product object tree
SRC system resource controller
SRT switch resource table
SSA serial storage architecture
SST Sustained Stewardship TeraFlop
SUSA single user standalone
SWL Synthetic WorkLoad
Tbyte, TB terabyte; a trillion bytes
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol
teraFLOPS trillion floating point operations per second (abbreviation is TF)
TLCC Tri-Lab Linux Capacity Cluster
US user space
V&V Verification and Validation
VAC Visual Age C++
VBS Visual Basic script
VIEWS Visual Interactive Environment for Weapons Simulation (now DVS)
VPN virtual private network
VPN-C virtual private network for collaborators
VSD virtual shared disk
WAIS wide area information servers
WAN wide area network
WLM workload manager
WPS web proxy server
WPS-C web proxy server for collaborators