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Configuring X-Win32 for SSH Connections to LC Machines

These instructions assume that your desktop machine is a Windows PC and that the standard LLNL X-Win32 application has been installed with a valid license key.

  1. Start the X-Win32 application: Start > All Programs > X-Win32 > X-Win32

  2. The X-Win32 splash will appear for a few seconds and then go away.

  3. The X-Win32 Configuration dialog box will appear. Click on the Manual... button to setup a new connection:

  4. The Connection Method dialog box will then appear. Select ssh then click the Next button to continue.

    • The New Connection dialog box will appear. Enter the following:
    • Connection Name: A name for this connection - should probably match the intended machine you want to connect to.
    • Host: The real name of the machine
    • Login: Your LC login name on the machine
    • Command: For a CZ machine, this is the type of login window you prefer. Another choice might be /usr/bin/xterm. For an RZ machine, note that you must always connect to the rzgw gateway and then from there, ssh to the machine you want to actually login into.
    • Click the Save button when you are done

    Important: Leave the password boxes blank!

    CZ Machine RZ Machine

  5. Back in the X-Win32 Configuration dialog box, you will now see the new connection you just created. Select it and then click the Launch button.

  6. You will then be prompted to accept the server's host key:

  7. You will then be prompted to enter your password. For a CZ machine, enter your CZ PIN + OTP token password. For an RZ machine, enter your RZ PIN + CRYPTOcard password.

  8. Finally, if everything is working correctly, you will see a login window appear for the machine you selected: