Dawn Expedited Priority Run Form

This form lets you submit a request to run a large (multi-node) run on the Dawn machine. Your request is sent to LC for approval. For more information, see the Policies for Expedited Priority Runs on LLNL ASC Platforms (PDF).

NOTE: This is an unclassified form; please do not include any information that might be sensitive or classified.

Please complete all required fields (highlighted in yellow) below. Then, click on the "Submit" button to send this information to LC for approval and scheduling consideration.

The browser will open a new window with confirmation that your request was sent. You should also receive an e-mail copy of your request. If you do not get the confirmation window, please contact the LC Hotline for assistance.

E-mail address
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List collaborators whose logins need to be enabled during these runs (if applicable).
Please specify user's name, login name, e-mail address, alternate e-mail address, work phone, and additional contact phone (cell or home).
Programmatic contact for your location (i.e., manager who is aware of programmatic priority)
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Date/time when you wish to start your run
Date/time when your run needs to be completed
Dedicated runs will be done over weekends, from 16:00 Friday to 08:00 the following Monday.

Length of run (anticipated)
(hours or days, specify in wall-clock time)

Number of nodes required
Is the code threaded? Yes No
Number of MPI tasks per node
Per node memory needed (optional)
Disk requirements (specify units: MB, GB, or TB)
Local disk space needed GPFS disk space needed
Data requirements (specify units: MB, GB, or TB)
For SCF archive For SCF visualization server
Does this code have restart capability, i.e., can it be killed if needed and then resubmitted to continue the simulation?
Yes No
Application code monitoring instructions for LC Operations staff
(Operators can perform commands such as ls, head, tail, and cat, but cannot do other actions as if they were logged in as the DAT user.)
Other considerations

Note: This is an unclassified form; please do not include any information that might be sensitive or classified.