High Performance Computing: Contact Us


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If you need additional information, please contact web support at lc-webers@llnl.gov or contact one of the resources listed below.

Contact the Hotline

Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.–noon, 1:00–4:45 p.m.
Building 453 Room 1103 (Q clearance area)
Telephone: (925) 422-4531

   Technical Consultants, lc-hotline@llnl.gov
   Account Specialists, lc-support@llnl.gov
   LC Operations (24/7), mfopers@llnl.gov

If you need help with ... 4-Help LC Hotline
Desktop (Mac/PC/Linux) operating systems X  
Desktop site-licensed software (e.g., Microsoft Office) X  
E-mail server, majordomo e-mail list X  
Entrust (classified)   X
Entrust (unclassified) requests, general information X  
iSRD (Desktops) X  
LC high-performance computing systems (accounts, access, running jobs, etc.)   X
Laptops on foreign travel (LOFT) X  
Mailing lists (subscribe or unsubscribe) X  
Mailing lists for LC machine status (subscribe or unsubscribe)   X
Mathematica, MATLAB   X
OpenLabNet network or printer X  
OTP (related to accessing an LC machine)   X
OTP (general use); forgotten PIN X  
PIN (for OTP); change or reset X  
PIN, classified (for OTP)   X
OUN PAC; change, forgotten, test X  
SSH (related to accessing an LC machine)   X
VPN (related to accessing an LC machine)   X
VPN (general use) X  
X-windows (related to display from an LC machine)   X

You can submit a FrontRange Self Service form to report a problem or issue (select the "Submit Request" link to submit a FrontRange incident, and select High Performance Computing for the Support Unit) or use the contact information below.

For help with LC passwords, accounts, forms, terminations:
Call (925) 422-4533, e-mail lc-support@llnl.gov.

For HPC technical assistance during normal business hours:
Call (925) 422-4532 or e-mail lc-hotline@llnl.gov.

To reach Operations for a down system or network problem after hours:
Call (925) 422-0484 or e-mail mfopers@llnl.gov@llnl.gov

For desktop assistance (Macintosh, Linux, and Windows):
Call (925) 424-4357 (4-HELP)

Snail Mail Address:
LC Customer Services Group
P.O. Box 808, L-63
Livermore, CA 94551