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the word IGNITION on a black background with agency logos

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National Ignition Facility achieves fusion ignition

The major scientific breakthrough decades in the making will pave the way for advancements in national defense and the future of clean power.

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A high-fidelity simulation of the hypersonic turbulent flow over a notional hypersonic flight vehicle (colored grey) depicts the speed of the air surrounding the body, with red as high and blue as low. The turbulent motions that impose harsh, unsteady loading on the vehicle body are depicted in the back portion of the vehicle. Accurately predicting these loads are critical to vehicle survivability, and for practical applications, billions of degrees of freedom are required to predict physics of interest

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Sandia, Intel seek novel memory tech to support stockpile mission

ASC’s Advanced Memory Technology research projects are developing technologies that will impact future computer system architectures for complex modeling and simulation workloads.

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Ruby supercomputer under purple lighting

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stylized drawing of atoms, a computer circuit, and labels of temperature readings of 75 degrees, -53 degrees, and -21 degrees Celsius

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ML model instantly predicts polymer properties

LLNL researchers have developed a novel machine learning (ML) model that can predict 10 distinct polymer properties more accurately than was possible with previous ML models.

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SC22 logo sticker on a glass wall at the conference center

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LLNL staff returns to Texas-sized Supercomputing Conference

The 2022 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC22) returned to Dallas as a large contingent of LLNL staff participated in sessions, panels, paper presentations and workshops centered around HPC.

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Timo, Brian, and Brian standing with the award

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Researchers win HPCwire award for applying cognitive simulation to inertial confinement fusion

The award recognizes progress in the team's ML-based approach to modeling ICF experiments, which has led to the creation of faster and more accurate models of ICF implosions.

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MFEM workshop showcases application variety and broad impact

The second annual MFEM workshop brought together the project’s global user and developer community for technical talks, Q&A, and more.

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collage of people attending the outdoor career fair

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First-ever LLNL career fair overflows with applicants

The Lab's first-ever on-site career fair was a resounding success, with more than 500 people attending the onsite event to learn about career opportunities.

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portraits of seven members of sundials team on blue background

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SUNDIALS team wins prestigious SIAM/ACM Prize

The prestigious award is handed out every two years and recognizes outstanding contributions to the development and use of mathematical and computational tools and methods for the solution of science and engineering problems.

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aerial view of three people standing next to the cooling towers

Source: Science & Technology Review

Charging up and rolling out

Science & Technology Review highlights the Exascale Computing Facility Modernization project that delivered the infrastructure required to bring exascale computing online in 2023.

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R&D100 award logo overlaid on a workflow diagram

Source: Science & Technology Review

Optimizing workflow with Flux

The latest issue of Science & Technology Review highlights the R&D 100 award–winning Flux software framework.

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a participant in the hackathon room examines the DeepRacer car

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Hackathon puts machine learning in the driver’s seat

In a time-trial competition, participants trained an autonomous race car with reinforcement learning algorithms.

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portraits of Mark and Timo on a yellow and blue background with the conference logo

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Test of Time awards at 2022 IEEE VIS conference

Two LLNL-led teams received SciVis Test of Time awards at the 2022 IEEE VIS conference for papers that have achieved lasting relevancy in the field of scientific visualization.

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left: grid with circles at intersections, red background, and a blue shape left of center; right: neural representation shown as a blue oval on a red background with an arrow pointing to a neural network

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Project co-led at LLNL looks to improve visualization of large-scale datasets

Researchers are starting a three-year project aimed at improving methods for visual analysis of large heterogeneous datasets as part of a recent DOE funding opportunity.

Data Science | Scientific Visualization

exascale day logo with the date 10/18/22 and a colorful simulation

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LLNL scientists eagerly anticipate El Capitan’s potential impact

While LLNL awaits the arrival of El Capitan, physicists and computer scientists running scientific applications on testbeds are getting a taste of what to expect.

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Video: ECP's Exascale Day playlist

The Exascale Computing Project has compiled a playlist of videos from multiple national labs to highlight the impacts of exascale computing.

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people gathering outside the main administration building

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LLNL celebrates making the impossible possible during 70th anniversary event

Employees gathered for the Lab’s first-ever Employee Engagement Day, held Oct. 11. The event featured food, drink, informative displays, historical films and more.

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cartoon of an arm holding an umbrella coming out of a laptop screen

Source: Science.org

Climate change threatens supercomputers

Climate change can bring not only heat, but also increased humidity, reducing the efficiency of the evaporative coolers many HPC centers rely on.

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MFEM logo next to del symbol (indicating partial derivative) and x variable

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DOE funds LLNL project to improve differentiation of extreme-scale science apps

Researchers will address the challenge of efficiently differentiating large-scale applications for the DOE by building on advances in LLNL’s MFEM finite element library and MIT’s Enzyme AD tool.

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illustration of the Earth overlaid with ESGF logo

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ESGF launches effort to upgrade climate projection data system

The Earth System Grid Federation, a multi-agency initiative that gathers and distributes data for top-tier projections of the Earth’s climate, is preparing a series of upgrades to make using the data easier and faster while improving how the information is curated.

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stock illustration of red blood cells inside a blood vessel

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CASC collaboration with Duke University wins best paper award

Presented at the 2022 International Conference on Computational Science, the team’s research introduces metrics that can improve the accuracy of blood flow simulations.

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aerial photo of the facility infrastructure

Source: YouTube

Video: Exascale Computing Facility Modernization project

Preparing the Livermore Computing Center for El Capitan and the exascale era of supercomputers required an entirely new way of thinking about the facility’s mechanical and electrical capabilities.

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The people of stockpile stewardship are the key to LLNL’s success

The third article in a series about the Lab's stockpile stewardship mission highlights the people who make it happen.

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