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cartoon of workers assembling a fusion reactor

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Open source is fueling the future of nuclear physics

Open-source software has played a key role in paving the way for LLNL's ignition breakthrough, and will continue to help push the field forward.

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cutaway of a 3D red ovoid shape with simulated movement inside

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Computing codes, simulations helped make ignition possible

For the physicists, computer scientists, and code developers who have worked on fusion for decades, computer simulations have been inexorably tied to the National Ignition Facility’s quest for ignition.

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Unidentified employee (Ruth Kilby, possible) with IBM 704, November 1957

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A look back: Women in early computing at LLNL

LLNL’s archives recount the contributions of women who developed code during the Lab's early decades.

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Chandrika's portrait next to the SIAM logo on a blue geometric background

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Chandrika Kamath honored as 2023 SIAM fellow

The prestigious fellow designation is a lifetime honorific title and honors SIAM members who have made outstanding contributions to fields served by the organization.

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three panels showing progressive granularity of protein simulation

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Scientists develop model for more efficient simulations of protein interactions linked to cancer

The new model addresses a problem in simulating RAS behavior, where conventional methods come up short of reaching the time- and length-scales needed to observe biological processes of RAS-related cancers.

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blue and red lattice structure on the left where blue indicates the lattice component that needs to be removed; black lattice structure on the right showing the optimized red portion of the left image

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screen shot of Tzanio talking to the seminar group with his slides on a big screen

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Video: Meso and macroscale modeling 1 (IPAM at UCLA)

UCLA's Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics hosted LLNL's Tzanio Kolev for a talk about high-order finite element methods.

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Nisha and Dona converse in front of a fireplace video

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First-ever hybrid Women in Data Science Livermore event celebrates achievements, supports women in the field

Women data scientists, Lab employees, and other attendees interested in the field gathered at the Livermore Valley Open Campus for the annual Livermore Women in Data Science (WiDS) regional event held in conjunction with the global WiDS conference.

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screen shot of Erik talking to the seminar group with his slides on a big screen

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Video: Future exascale architectures (IPAM at UCLA)

UCLA's Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics hosted LLNL's Erik Draeger for a talk about the challenges and possibilities of exascale computing.

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award name and a cartoon shield on blue background

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Elastic announces 2022 Elastic Excellence Awards winners

LLNL is recognized as a public sector organization leading the way in innovative, sustainable, and critical use cases.

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Terri's portrait next to People To Watch graphic

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HPCwire names LLNL’s Terri Quinn among 2023 'People to Watch'

“I am delighted to be recognized by HPCwire,” Quinn said. “I feel the recognition has as much to do with the stature of Livermore Computing as the opportunity I’ve had to contribute. "

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black-and-white photo of Robert Hughes at his desk in the 1970s

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screen shot of Ian presenting a slide showing a diagram of current HPC architecture

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Webinar: You must unlearn what you have learned

LLNL security operations team lead Ian Lee recently gave a webinar describing how the Lab uses Elasticsearch for HPC. The 19:27 video is available on demand.

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stylized image of a spherical explosion with hot center

Source: NVIDIA Blog

Fusion reaction: how AI, HPC are energizing science

A principal investigator at LLNL shares how machine learning on the world’s fastest systems catalyzed the lab’s breakthrough.

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Tony sitting in an auditorium of bright orange chairs

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Meet the unflinchingly diverse Tony Baylis

Tony Baylis, LLNL Office of Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Programs director and SC23 inclusivity co-chair, has devoted more than three decades to building partnerships and collaborations that exemplify the tenets of DEI.

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DOE logo on green and blue background with "Achievement Awards" text overlay

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Five Lab teams recognized with Secretary’s Honor Achievement Awards

This year, the DOE honored 44 teams including LLNL's Exascale Computing Facility Modernization Project team for significant power and cooling upgrades to support upcoming exascale supercomputers.

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collage of SOS logo, Lab 70th anniversary logo, & NIF hohlraum

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Science on Saturday lecture series moves to Las Positas College

LLNL's popular lecture series, “Science on Saturday,” runs February 4–25. The February 18 lecture is titled "Supersizing Computing: 70 Years of HPC."

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WiDS Livermore logo of two women's silhouettes in profile

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Register for WiDS Livermore on March 8

Register by February 27 for this free, hybrid Women in Data Science event. Everyone is welcome.

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Johannes portrait on a blue background

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LLNL’s Doerfert named Better Scientific Software fellow

Computer scientist Johannes Doerfert was recognized as a 2023 BSSw fellow. He plans to use the funding to create videos about best practices for interacting with compilers.

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two people inside the NIF target chamber replica

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Lawrence Livermore’s Discovery Center to reopen to visitors

Discovery Center reopens to visitors on Feb. 1, after nearly three years of closure due to COVID-19, featuring renovations and new exhibits.

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many individual cartoon users at computers connected by bright blue lines signifying a collaborative network

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Skywing: open-source software aids collaborative autonomy applications

Collaborative autonomy software apps allow networked devices to detect, gather, identify and interpret data; defend against cyber-attacks; and continue to operate despite infiltration.

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DeepRacer car positioned on the blue track with a dashed yellow center line and white lines marking the outside of the lane

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Video: Hackathon puts machine learning in the driver’s seat

From our fall 2022 hackathon, watch as participants trained an autonomous race car with reinforcement learning algorithms.

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intertwined red and blue cylindrical shapes with HPC4EI logo

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New HPC4EI project to create 'digital twin' models for aerospace manufacturing

A new collaboration will leverage advanced LLNL-developed software to create a “digital twin” of the near-net shape mill-products system for producing aerospace parts.

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portrait of Bronis with ACM logo

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Bronis de Supinski named 2022 ACM fellow

The ACM recognized him for his contributions to the design of large-scale systems and their programming systems and software.

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Edna Vienop loads a tape on the IBM 704

Source: Science & Technology Review

High Performance Storage System: Taking the long view

A multidecade, multi-laboratory collaboration evolves scalable long-term data storage and retrieval solutions to survive the march of time.

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