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5x5 grid of participants in video chat, with Kathleen in the middle of the top row

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Kathleen Shoga leads the way for SC21 Student Cluster Competition

With a history of student participation and committee service, LLNL computer scientist Kathleen Shoga chaired this year’s competition.

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Under a newly funded High Performance Computing for Manufacturing project, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will partner with steel and mining company ArcelorMittal to couple computer vision and machine learning methods with HPC resources to reduce emissions and defects from inclusions (oxide, sulfide or nitride particles) in steel manufacturing. Shown is an example of backscattered electron scanning electron microscope images showing different types of inclusions.

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HPC4Mfg project targets more energy-efficient steelmaking

An LLNL-led collaboration targeted using machine learning to reduce defects and carbon emissions in steelmaking receives funding through the HPC4Mfg Program.

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Bronis at a podium kicking off the conference

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First-ever hybrid Supercomputing conference sports strong Lab flavor

For the first time ever, SC21 went hybrid, with dozens of both in-person and virtual workshops, technical paper presentations, panels, tutorials and “birds of a feather” sessions.

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portraits of five panelists

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Career panel spotlights diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Data Science Institute hosted a career panel featuring members of some of LLNL's Employee Resource Groups: Asian Pacific American Council, Amigos Unidos Hispanics in Partnership, Women’s Association, and Abilities Champions.

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LLNL team wins SC21 Reproducibility Advancement Award

SC21's inaugural Best Reproducibility Advancement Award went to an LLNL team for a benchmark suite aimed at simplifying the evaluation process of approximation techniques for scientific applications.

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SC21 event calendar

LLNL is participating in the 33rd annual Supercomputing Conference (SC21), which will be held both virtually and in St. Louis on November 14–19, 2021.

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9x9 grid of workshop participants in video chat

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MFEM team hosts first community workshop

The MFEM software library provides high-order mathematical algorithms for large-scale scientific simulations. An October workshop brought together MFEM’s global user and developer community for the first time.

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DOE to showcase national lab expertise at SC21

“We’re very excited about the program content. It’s going to be one of the best SC programs ever,” said SC21 General Chair Bronis R. de Supinski, chief technology officer for Livermore Computing at LLNL.

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screen shot of Jean in video chat with the intro slide to the presentation

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Video: 55+ years in high performance computing

In this IDEAS-ECP webinar, Jean Shuler, who joined LLNL in 1972, shares her stories providing support on a range of computing architectures. The video is an hour long.

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artist's rendering of two black holes merging

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LLNL uses ML to derive black hole motion from gravitational waves

An LLNL mathematician and collaborators have developed a machine learning–based technique capable of deriving a mathematical model for the motion of binary black holes from gravitational wave data.

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Using supercomputers to optimize hot rolling for the steels of tomorrow

In a project with U.S. Steel, LLNL computational physicists built models of the hot-rolling process to run on LLNL’s HPC platforms.

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figure eight DO IT logo

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Just DO IT: new internship program introduces students to DevOps

Computing’s newest internship program focuses on DevOps methodologies. The inaugural class of 2021 built a persistent data services provisioning application that will soon assist real Livermore Computing users.

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Video: Exascale Day playlist

The DOE's Exascale Computing Project compiled a video playlist for Exascale Day on October 18 (1018).

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simulation of a computationally designed antibody interacting with the receptor binding domain of the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

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LLNL joins Human Vaccines Project to accelerate vaccine development

LLNL will lend its expertise in vaccine research and computing resources to the Human Vaccines Project consortium to aid development of a universal coronavirus vaccine and improve understanding of immune response.

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Flux software wins 2021 R&D 100 Award

The renowned worldwide competition announced the winners of the 2021 R&D 100 Awards, among them LLNL's Flux workload management software framework in the Software/Services category.

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aerial view of construction site with "exascale day" text overlay

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Early access systems at LLNL mark progress toward El Capitan

Though the arrival of the exascale supercomputer El Capitan at LLNL is still almost two years away, teams of code developers are busy working on predecessor systems to ensure critical applications are ready for Day One.

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aerial view of construction site with "exascale day" text overlay

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LLNL prepares for exascale with massive energy and water upgrade

To prepare for the next generation of power-hungry supercomputers, LLNL crews have been working throughout the pandemic on a $100 million Exascale Computing Facility Modernization project.

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Earth on a green background

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Updated exascale system for earth simulations

A new version of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) is 2x faster than its earlier version released in 2018.

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5x5 grid of students and mentors in video chat

Source: Data Science Institute

Data Science Challenge welcomes UC Riverside

CASC and the Data Science Institute welcomed a new academic partner to the 2021 Data Science Challenge program: the University of California Riverside campus.

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several people posed outside the 2019 conference venue on large GHC letters

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GHC21: Grace Hopper Celebration

Many LLNL women and allies attend Grace Hopper Celebration every year to learn, to network, and to be inspired.

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NNSA taps Dell to provide computing resources for stockpile stewardship

LLNL and partners have awarded a subcontract to Dell Technologies for additional supercomputing systems to support the NNSA's nuclear deterrent mission.

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screen shot of Felice and interviewer on video chat with SC21 logo at bottom right

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Video: HPC speeds up computational biology and drug design

Computational biology is using HPC to rapidly design and develop ways to treat cancer and COVID. LLNL researcher Felice Lightstone discusses ATOM (Accelerated Therapeutic Opportunities in Medicine) in this edition of SC21 TV.

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Rayleigh-Taylor instability simulation

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Lab-led effort one of nine DOE-funded data reduction projects

An LLNL-led effort in data compression was one of nine projects recently funded by the DOE for research aimed at shrinking the amount of data needed to advance scientific discovery.

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Inaugural industry forum inspires ML community

LLNL held its first-ever Machine Learning for Industry Forum (ML4I) on August 10–12, co-hosted by the Lab’s High-Performance Computing Innovation Center and Data Science Institute.

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diagram of heterogeneous computing with Ignacio's portrait and DOE logo

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DOE-funded project to advance portability of heterogeneous HPC applications

A newly funded project involving LLNL computer scientist Ignacio Laguna will examine numerical aspects of porting scientific applications to different HPC platforms.

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