LLNL Computing’s ground-breaking research and development activities, innovative technologies, and world-class staff are often featured in various media outlets.

diagram showing interplay among the macroscale simuluation, the machine learnig selection, and the microsacale simulation

Source: LLNL News

Multiscale model of protein behavior linked to cancer-causing mutations

LLNL researchers and collaborators have developed a highly detailed, ML–backed multiscale model revealing the importance of lipids to RAS, a family of proteins whose mutations are linked to many cancers.

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plot showing different colored particle trajectories in the x-z plane in a magnetic mirror

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5x5 grid of participants in video chat, with Kathleen in the middle of the top row

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Kathleen Shoga leads the way for SC21 Student Cluster Competition

With a history of student participation and committee service, LLNL computer scientist Kathleen Shoga chaired this year’s competition.

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SC21 logo in green and orange

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SC21 event calendar

LLNL is participating in the 33rd annual Supercomputing Conference (SC21), which will be held both virtually and in St. Louis on November 14–19, 2021.

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9x9 grid of workshop participants in video chat

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MFEM team hosts first community workshop

The MFEM software library provides high-order mathematical algorithms for large-scale scientific simulations. An October workshop brought together MFEM’s global user and developer community for the first time.

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figure eight DO IT logo

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Just DO IT: new internship program introduces students to DevOps

Computing’s newest internship program focuses on DevOps methodologies. The inaugural class of 2021 built a persistent data services provisioning application that will soon assist real Livermore Computing users.

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several people posed outside the 2019 conference venue on large GHC letters

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GHC21: Grace Hopper Celebration

Many LLNL women and allies attend Grace Hopper Celebration every year to learn, to network, and to be inspired.

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three people in video chat screens

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Summer hackathon tradition continues virtually

Each new season brings another hackathon, and Computing’s 2021 summer event took place on August 12–13.

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Kyle in video chat giving thumbs-up next to a slide showing the Dev Day morning agenda

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Dev Day makes the most of virtual format

Held virtually on July 15, our fifth annual Developer Day featured lightning talks, a technical deep dive, “quick takes” on remote-development resources, presentations about career paths, and a career development panel discussion.

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screen shot of flier showing portraits of the panelists and moderator

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Career panel series kicks off with women in Computing leadership roles

More than 100 LLNL staff and students gathered virtually for the first session of a new career panel series inspired by the annual Women in Data Science conference and sponsored by the Data Science Institute.

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supercomputer photo with an overlay of ISC logo and the slogan "shaping tomorrow"

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ISC21 event calendar

LLNL participates in the digital ISC High Performance Conference (ISC21) on June 24 through July 2.

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drawing of a brain made up of network lines and a computer chip

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A winning strategy for deep neural networks

New research debuting at ICLR 2021 demonstrates a learning-by-compressing approach to deep learning that outperforms traditional methods without sacrificing accuracy.

AI/ML | Computational Math | Data Science | Deep Learning | ML Theory | Scientific ML

CASC and SIAMCSE logos side by side

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SIAM CSE21 event calendar

Our researchers will be well represented at the virtual SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE21) on March 1–5. SIAM is the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics with an international community of more than 14,500 individual members.

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abstract graphic of a brain and network overlaid with the CASC logo

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CASC research in ML robustness debuts at AAAI conference

Three papers address feature importance estimation under distribution shifts, attribute-guided adversarial training, and uncertainty matching in graph neural networks.

AI/ML | Computational Math | Data Science | Deep Learning | ML Theory | Scientific ML | UQ and Statistics

simulation of air flow around a semi-truck

Source: LLNL Computing

CASC Newsletter | Vol 8 | August 2019

Highlights include perspectives on machine learning and artificial intelligence in science, data driven models, autonomous vehicle operations, and the OpenMP standard 5.0.

AI/ML | Computational Math | Computational Science | Data Science | Data-Driven Decisions | Debugging and Correctness | Deep Learning | HPC Systems and Software | Hydrodynamics | ML Theory | Programming Languages and Models | Scientific ML | Scientific Visualization

Todd Gamblin's image projected onto a screen as he presents awards

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 7 | December 2018

Highlights include debris and shrapnel modeling at NIF, scalable algorithms for complex engineering systems, magnetic fusion simulation, and data placement optimization on GPUs.

Computational Math | Computational Science | Data Movement and Memory | Discrete Mathematics | Exascale | HPC Systems and Software | Hybrid/Heterogeneous | Hydrodynamics | Lasers and Optics | Materials Science | Mathematical Optimization | PDE Methods | Solvers

Abstract graphic of scientific images with progression shown from bottom left to top right

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 6 | August 2018

Highlights include CASC director Jeff Hittinger's vision for the center as well as recent work with PruneJuice DataRaceBench, Caliper, and SUNDIALS.

Computational Math | Data Science | Debugging and Correctness | Exascale | HPC Architectures | HPC Systems and Software | ODE Methods | Open-Source Software | Programming Languages and Models | Resource and Workflow Management | Solvers

rayleigh taylor simulation done on Sierra

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screen shot of SQL schema

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hydrodynamics simulation

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spherical ZFP images showing progression of in-line floating point compression

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 2 | July 2017

Highlights include the directorate's annual external review, machine learning for ALE simulations, CFD modeling for low-carbon solutions, seismic modeling, and an in-line floating point compression tool.

AI/ML | Computational Math | Computational Science | Data Compression | Data Science | Discrete Mathematics | Exascale | Hydrodynamics | Open-Source Software | Seismology

Catalyst computer, human being figure and whiteboard sketch compilation

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CASC Newsletter | Vol 1 | April 2017

Highlights include the HYPRE library, recent data science efforts, the IDEALS project, and the latest on the Exascale Computing Project.

AI/ML | Algorithms at Scale | Biology/Biomedicine | Computational Math | Computational Science | Data Science | Data-Driven Decisions | Exascale | HPC Architectures | HPC Systems and Software | Hybrid/Heterogeneous | Open-Source Software | Solvers